Gimmick Fighter 4 - Scrub & Proud



Hey folks, been a while since I posted something mind numbingly bad for the community to sigh at so here it is.

Well, I don’t know wether to be proud or embarassed but here goes.

It didn’t take a lot for me to notice that after countless threads here on the Balrog Forum over the (almost a) year I’ve been a member asking for help to up my game, I still haven’t made much progress. I had a 50 game session with a random person in Arc Req in Vanilla SF4 on GFWL last night and while it was 39-11 to me (5-6 of the losses being when I switched to alts despite having a 97% Balrog record with no real alt character experience) that doesn’t mean I feel I won much because I was any good or even that I was better than the opponent.

On the contrary, 75% of the games I win are because of bad habits and stupid gimmicks that only people of my level would really fall for.

I’m a TAP happy mongloid who’s won so many TAP>EX HB Ultra matches it’s not even funny because some bright spark thinks it’s wise to throw something out on wakeup rather than just block it and punish my ass…

But this isn’t about crying about my lack of skill and ability, it’s to have a talk about gimmicks… Failing that, maybe just trying to give someone something to smile about - I may not be a pro but I’m having a barrel of fun and whipped together a quick movie out of last nights nonsense.

For discussion purposes, the silly low level tricks I’m on about are:

** Above mentioned TAP to Headbutt (Generally desperation for Ultra - Bad idea against an opponent with a braincell).

** Headbutting over an untechable knockdown opponent to spank them from the opposite side. God knows why but I tend to leave this for corner only which is stupid as it puts me in the corner and lets the opponent out if they block… Then again it seems a lot of people don’t expect that.

** Meaty Overheads on Wakeup vs Non-Shoto characters.

** Meaty DLStraight on Wakeup vs Shoto characters.

** Whiffing Uppers on crouchers for Throws or Combos.

I’d love to know if anyone else out there has other funky gimmicks or tricks they find ‘common’ use for such as a movie I’ve seen where Keno (:rock:) makes good use of whiffed Overheads on waking opponents to mess with their heads or other things like that.

Failing that, you’re free to watch my crappy movie but it won’t do well for your brain watching me failing :rofl:

Thats the fun side of it all with some added nonsense from Bison thrown in purely because I’ve only played him 5-6 times this year and was so proud to have won a match.

It’s all fun and games when the stupid things work but having watched two matches against the Akuma in the above movie, I notice how I seem to be playing somewhat sane at the start but once the pressure is on I just go to complete mush - For actual fight you can watch this one:
[media=youtube]e2cCmx_iFMc"]YouTube - ?SF4? RopeDrink [BAL] vs [AKU[/media]

How much do gimmicks and tricks form your actual strategy and, if any, do you save it for when you’re being fancy or do you base your style on it?

I’m generally just curious rather than looking for advice - I’m pretty sure I’ll always be at above level but I’m a 100% Online Casual, thats whats to be expected.

Big thanks to everyone who has entertained my posts in the past, I’m just trying to give something back… Even if it isn’t all that great :wink:


I guess if all you’re ever going to do is play online then use whatever works.


I do plenty of stupid shit online, just because it’s online and stupid shit seems to work online. :rofl:


Aye don’t I know, it’s the only game-mode I’ve ever played in StreetFighter, not got the means to go to the Irish Tournaments and even if I did I don’t feel inclined to have a Stick/Pad/Keyboard made for the Console versions they would likely use and it’s a lot of travel.

Still, the only reason I felt like posting it is out of sheer fun - I know the SRK/Balrog community is largely here to help get down with the nitty gritty and break Balrog down for the masses to understand - Just figured a dose of low-lev stupidity once in a while might spice things up.

Random sidenote it’s my birthday since midnight and here I am at 4am posting on SRK, stupid lack of sleep. Had some nice attempted ‘proper’ games against a chap earlier on which I’d like to upload before I spend the next few days celebrating.

I figured my true aim in SF4 (given my restriction to Online) wasn’t to become good at SF4 but to be good enough to get by and have fun though I just wish sometimes I could once in a while post a movie of me actually playing decent rather than playing like a crackwhoring mongloid because it ‘works’ online :wink:

Anyhow, RANT OVER!

Cheers for the responses guys!


To be fair, TAP -> Headbutt isn’t that lame. I mean, back in the days of ST, TAP -> whiff Dash Upper into throw/Dash Punch/Super was a legit tactic (I recall Aforlegends doing TAP -> SUper to Daigo this past EVO in HDR top 8).


yay ropedrink!


I’m just glad somebody else uses the term gimmick fighter 4. You’ll usually hear it coming out of my room after a match with blanka.


Hehe aye, I guess everyone adopts their own gimmick as well as one or more characters being almost reliant on them. I know TAP > Headbutt isn’t TOO uncommon but it isn’t something you’d ever recommend to someone looking to go places and… Well, let’s just say I’ve won so many matches purely because the opponent expects me NOT to Headbutt that it’s becoming worrisome. Generally it’s my last desperate resort for either an Ultra Setup or when I’m on a life-crushing roll and looking for a dizzy, otherwise I never do it.

Still - I’m absolutely loving the Headbutt Crossover because if it’s charge characters it tests their blocking as well as removes some of their options and, if they opt for throwing you out of it then I tend to HB into a Neutral Jump for a free combo vs the whiffed throw. Not entirely effective against most Shoto’s as a lot will go balls out and lob out any SRK but it has still worked on a lot of players as it sometimes results in their move being botched due to landing on the other side while they mashed out a wakeup move vs the incorrect side. Last case was an Akuma who threw out a Fireball into thin air while I had neutral jumped, other cases where nothing but a poke would come out.

Again, experienced players would see it miles away but the typical player still seems to get confused by it.


Not everybody who plays SSF4 is an aspiring pro. TAP into EX HB works some time, sometime it doesn’t. Balrog is so straight forward and so predictable at times its fun to nail people with stuff like that.


Jumping Roundhouse, BnB, throw/Counter Hit S.RH - Sweep

Works way too much online. Even though you can reversal through it like air


Yep. Rog doesnt have an infinte amount of tools at his disposal and opponents are usually aware of what he’s capable of at any given time (if he’s walking forward, there’s no charge at play, but potentially a TAP, etc). You definitely need to mix it up with everything and anything you have that’ll give you the edge.


Very true.

The first ever thing I adopted to try and throw people off on wakeup was to walk up on knockdown and MASH those CJabs to make them think I was trying to poke them on wakeup, bait an SRK, punish. So simple and yet some fell for it every time. If I saw them wakeup and crouch/block waiting to see what I was doing, throw.

It took me a good few months to even learn how to combo when I started out which is sad as Balrog combo’s are some of the most simple to execute but I was having so much fun playing like an ass, random headbutting or just headbutting to close the distance and never moving forward.

I know Balrog is very linear but I still love the style and haven’t yet got bored of him at all but I do think I need to learn some new shinanigans regardless just to have in the toolbox for the rare few opponents who see my gimmicks and do actually avoid/defend against them well.


Gimmicks are good for a Balrog but you shouldn’t rely on it at all in your game. I have noticed that EX Heabutt randomly just does not work anymore so it’s pretty much worthless to use on a good player unless you are doing it off reaction to another move.

The only “gimmick” I use now with Rog is on wakeup. I like to do a jab straight in to overhead then combo. This works most of the time do to how fast the overhead comes out.

I think solid rog is the way to go though.


Whiffing Uppers on crouchers for Throws or Combos.
seems pretty normal to me. i upper not from long range to get a counter hit jab into sweep


Way back when SFIV first came out I abused the hell out of that. Whiff Upper, Throw, Whiff Upper, Throw, Whiff Upper, Throw. Then people started waking up and punishing the shit out of me when I tried it, so I had to transition to reserving uppers for combos and punishes.

But man, back when doing that kind of shit worked, that was some good stuff.

Simpler times.


Still do it but even at midlevel it’s common for people to just mash any attack as soon as you’re remotely close - Ironically this means you may or may not get a bit more leeway with a more controlled/deliberate player than you would an easily scared / inexperienced player but of course that’s hit’n’miss depending on the reaction of opponent and punish ability of the character.

Some people don’t react in time and either eat a throw or react after the EX Upper making it Balrog favourable with Jabs or CH Jabs which is what I typically aim for, sadly it’s become a bit of a habit though as I never mastered the constant bulldogging Jab method some people use (CJab, walk forward a pixel, CJab, repeat all day) so I usually use a special to do it - Upper favourable as sometimes I want it to whiff whereas the chip’n’pushback of a Straight, Low or Torp isn’t what I want, even if it’s probably a hell of a lot safer to end it that way.

Top level play it’s clearly a big no-no, though.

Still, I’d rather be punished for an attempted whiff-upper than I would if I was back to being how I used to be when I first got SF4 and randomly headbutting was the way to go :wink:

I’ve made 3xMovies (One per 4-5 days’ish) showing how my scrubby playstyle tends to earn a perfect round against pretty much the majority of typical GFWL players at my bad level. Again, Perfects don’t really mean anything but they’re a lot of fun. If I get 10 I usually keep the recordings for a laugh and it’s always amusing how some people are reduced to pure desperate measures to try and prevent it thus making them more likely to eat something stupid like a TAP to EX Headbutt when nearly stunned. It’s very rare people maintain calm and patience when they’re at a 75% life defecit vs someone who hasn’t even taken chip damage.

Uploading one as we speak, can feel free to laugh at me and my typical everyday SF4 matches when it’s done - Either way, I’m not fussed, really enjoying it.


Everything to overhead abuse and predictive headbutts - The first fight was hilarious as I managed to learn the blokes pattern in round one… Then again, it’s not hard to learn that the person always jumps back at roundstart and tries to annoy you to death with continuous walljumps/dives, running away and that Izuna Drop. He ate the exact same thing in both rounds, over and over… This is your typical opponent for me on GFWL and leaves no doubt in my mind as to why I’m finding it hard to learn anything.

But yeah, you all know it simply as ‘Online Play’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t make me any better, of course. You can see the pattern I follow as well when I’ve hit someone to a certain point and know well they’re about to be dizzy. Only one or two were done with any kind of finesse or tact. Ultimately it’s either because of silly gimmicks or because the opponent doesn’t even know how to block a jumpin, which is very depressing but oh well.


Oh boy. That video frustrated the hell out of me. As I watched you beating the shit out of all those people I was just yelling at them in my head, “Just fucking BLOCK! JESUS CHRIST!”

Man alive. I can’t watch any more. I get too worked up.

You need more consistently solid opponents, RD. I’ve seen a lot of your vids and I don’t see you being pushed enough. Maybe in seeing your vids I’m not getting a solid sample of the type people you play though, so I don’t really know.

Even so, a word to the wise; Skills can easily stagnate and decay. A cell that is not exposed to some degree of stress on a regular basis dies easier than a cell that is.

I enjoyed the DC at the end though. That was funny.


lol I got one gimmick you should try in your online play adventures :stuck_out_tongue: The triple dash low upper. This can work well against players whoe especially like to wakeup and reversal. Its simple :slight_smile: After one sucessful LK dash low upper do it again as soon after the first one has finished. What you will see is that some players will tech and wake up into the following smash sinice it is active for 8 frames and any reversal that they try to do will get stuffed :stuck_out_tongue: I usually get away with doing it 3 times before they think to block :smiley: Ive had my friend once say that he was blocking and still got hit. My highest chain so far with the gimimick is 6 in a row lol. Best thing about it is that you can take them to the wall and combo into the ultra :slight_smile:


Trust me, as the Antagonist/Protaganist of that movie, I absolutely agree with you, hence I keep the recordings. I have not and will not ever even remotely hint that I think I’m any good at SF4, part of the reason I relish clips like this because I’m never going to be able to upload a movie and be proud of any kind of skill or good’play but I can certainly show people the bizarre, pathetic nonsense either I or my opponent get up to on GFWL.

Trust me, about 20% of the people I fight can block, quarter of those will block my predictable shinanigins and the rest will happily walk into a fullscreen fierce Dash Straight, thats sadly how it is for me and why I’ve resigned myself to it but it doesn’t bother me so long as I’m having fun.

To give myself a little credit I do not berate other players and my movies are never a dig at anyone [except myself] - (Unless it’s hatemail or accusations of cheating, then I’ll happily upload proof of otherwise) but just general funsies and… Well, you’ve seen the amount of fun that can be had via that movie, if you call it fun.

To be fair, GFWL does have the odd reknowned decent player and I do get pushed at times, even sometimes with my own impatience. Had a chap playing Random Select earlier and he got a wide range of characters, beat them all, then he suddenly got Blanka and by god I seethe with rage against Blanka, I just can’t maintain patience when he’s in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to play him nevermind someone who can. I got beaten purely because he played ‘backdash / walkbackwards’ all day and it was too laggy to jab him out of BBalls or block in time - And then I’d go and stupidly walk into Electricity ten million times, it just irkes me to no ense.

Apart from that there’ve been some really tough matches and a lot of bitter losses - The reason I don’t upload them is much the same reason I don’t focus on uploading wins - I’m just trying to find a ‘good fight’ between people but more often than not either I’m sucking and someone is training me, or I’ll throwing random garbage and still perfecting people… Can’t win.

@Riku45 I’ve done that a few times but funnily enough I love repeatedly using DSweep because some people just refuse to block low at times or constantly eat a meaty while mashing out some kind of nonsensical move on wakeup - If I see a Balrog v Balrog mirror, DSweep repeatedly on their wakeup will often get them 3xTimes in a row before they stop trying to mash out jabs or wakeup headbutt, it’s pretty amusing.