Gimmick for cross up dive kick resets

I start against Opponent crouching.

The Stater

Do point blank cr.LK, cl.LK, cr.MP xx LP fireball FADC*
(*) the fast FADC not the sloppy one.

From here we have different setup to do a normal move to end the combo canceled into demon flip kick reset so it lands cross up “most of the time”, in front but land behind the rest of the time, … or just whiff if you screw it up.

It’s character specific I guess. And I’m quite sure there’s no way you will ever know if you gonna get the cross up or not. So good enough I think for a mixup. But if you can have the reliable exe to to the starter right every time, all you have to do if find the right normal canceled into LK or MK flip to have the ambiguous deadly flip reset. For each character the right normal and flip.

**Serious talk : **
Cross up or not depends on the distance traveled while in the flip. And “usually” the sooner you cancel the flip into the dive, the fewer distance is traveled. But few people know (or realize) that the timing you press the normal on the ground before cancelling into the flip itself, is in fact much more important. Comboing on a crouching character will trigger reel back animations and push back that often gives meaties or close to meaty hits. Long story short, instand FADC after the fireball on crouchers gives tons of frames to play with, and will give push back randomness leading to ambiguous dives.
There another huge factor in the equation, the time you cancel into flip while the normal is hitting. Cancel late or early on hitstun will let the opponent be pushed away more or less. You can learn to do it fast or slowly by just doing the input fast or slower. The feel is pretty easy to get.

As you resetting, there’s lower chance to trigger an escape thought on the opponent mind than like, after a knock down. You’re pretty sure the opponent is just gona try to block or walk under only. And there’s no delay wake up shit. The usual reset into demon grab will need some work to find the same kind of random cross up dives, the TK ball cross up is cool still, but I’m tired of it. But I’ll check that another day.
SO ! train your resets on crouchers.*

The reset Enders

  • Ryu
    … cl.MK xx LK flip, early kick [cross up] (cl.MK is at range already after the FADC, don’t walk further at all or you’ll get a non cross up dive)
    … cl.MK xx LK flip, late kick [cross up] (cl.MK is at range already after the FADC, don’t walk further at all or you’ll get a non cross up dive, BUT hold here for a frame or 2 before pressing MK)
    … cr.MK xx MK flip, early kick [cross up]
    … cr.MP xx MK flip, early kick [cross up]
  • Gen
    … cl.MK xx LK flip, any kick [cross up] (key part is the tiny walk after instant FADC here, or you will get far MK)
    … cr.MK xx MK flip, early kick [cross up]
    … cr.MP xx MK flip, early kick [cross up]

  • Akuma
    … walk, cr.MK xx MK flip, mid kick [cross up]
    … pause, cr.MP xx MK flip, mid kick [cross up]
    ** … cl.MK xx LK flip, mid kick [front, land behind]**

  • Claw
    … cl.MK xx LK flip, early kick [cross up]
    … cr.MK xx MK flip, early kick [cross up]

  • Blanka
    … cl.MK xx LK flip, early kick [cross up] (hard to link the cl.MK, walk a lot after the FADC. But if you drop the combo you still get a cl.MK on block and the following dive is a cross up anyway)
    … cr.MK xx MK flip, late kick [cross up]
    … cr.MP xx MK flip, late kick [cross up]

  • Elena
    … Nothing found.

  • Poison
    … Nothing found.

Haven’t tested all chars yet, please help ??
I’ll release a video about it soon so you understand better what’s going on, but as it’s strongly related to timings, you might get different results than I do if your execution differ. So better explain with words first.

Ho and by the way, to test this I use an application to have the opponent hold down forward long enough so I can start the combo on him, and then he hold down back till the end. I trust this over record replay because you can instantly test several timings and normals without wasting hours in training room recording stuff. If you want to test it yourself, record the dummy doing that. hold down forward 3 seconds then down back 6/7 seconds. And practice Akuma setups. Not the other way around.

So the result chart you see above isn’t a recorded Akuma doing stuff, I did them by hands, several times, so I know it just works done by a human with all the randomness of his execution.

**Disclaimer : **

  • If the opponent stand block the resets, good bye cross ups.
  • You will screw up and miss cross up setups or whiff completely, but it’s still worth it.
  • There’s no way to master it and get them 100%. Too many variables. But the risk is thin anyway so even 50% will be welcome right ?
  • Depend on your execution, you can end with different timings for early mid or late dive kick than me. Use this as a basis and find what is working for you.

[EDIT] Updated with “walk” annotation when you need to hold forward a bit, or just pause a sec after the FADC.
[EDIT 2] Thanks to Javits on twitter, I learned today that if you land a fake cross up, land behind and do a hit as a block string, no matter what happens in the universe, if the player blocked the fake cross up (as intended) he will block the grounded following hit. So for Akuma reset against Akuma fake cross up dive, delay the following hit. Demo :

some videos update.