Girl calls in bomb threat on college graduation to hide the fact that she dropped out of college


MILFORD, Connecticut (Reuters) - A Connecticut college dropout was arrested Sunday night after admitting to calling in two bomb threats to keep her family from learning she had quit Quinnipiac University, police said on Monday.

Danielle Shea, 22, of Quincy, Massachusetts, made the threats after arriving at the graduation ceremony in a cap and gown with her mother, who did not know she had dropped out. She “panicked” when relatives noticed her name was not on the list of graduates, police said.

Shea called in two bomb threats to the Quinnipiac University library so the graduation ceremony would be canceled, police said. Instead the Sunday evening ceremony was delayed 90 minutes and moved a mile to a different campus of the university in the town of Hamden.

Local police went to the library as an estimated 5,000 people, including the 388 graduates, evacuated the area and quickly moved to the indoor location, according to John Morgan, university spokesman.

“We cannot speculate what she was thinking,” said Morgan. “But we had to act quickly in the interest of safety.”

Police said a female caller contacted school security twice on Sunday, first saying, “Bomb in the library,” and calling back 20 minutes later to say, “Several bombs are on campus. You haven’t cleared out graduation. That’s not a good idea.”

No explosive devices were found on the campus, said police, who they tracked the caller down by tracing the phone number she called from.

Shea was charged with threatening in the first degree and falsely reporting an incident. She was detained at police headquarters on a $20,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in Meriden on May 30.

Shea could not be reached for immediate comment.



The thread title is misleading as fuck. It was the non-graduate who called in the threats. The family had no idea she dropped out.




First thing that came to mind when I read it through





Jeez, what a series of horrible choices. A criminal record because you are too ashamed to face your family.


Fucking idiot. Sounds like she called from her cellphone too, hence how they traced it to her.


Um, all she had to do was call and say she saw someone drop a bag that looked suspicious (middle eastern), and when he saw her, see him drop the bag, he took off running. They may have still been able to build a case for her once they came and found no bag, but a decent lawyer would have gotten her out of it, because there a million hypothetical situations that could happen that would make that bag not be there by the time someone got there to inspect. Basically just cry wolf, and hope you get away with it. Still a horrible idea (lots of easy holes), and a horrible thing to do to people, but its a bit smarter then calling in a bomb threat from your GOD DAMN PHONE. lol

Or, i dont know, just not do anything stupid like calling in a fake bomb threat, and just tell your family you dropped out, and have been being a loser, probably getting high with your student loan money for the past however long.

Well at least shes about to enjoy her future life as a career manager for mcdonalds, stripper, prostitute, mooch, or drug addict. Not many people want to hire someone that calls in fake bomb threats. lol. In 2014, the amount of stupidity you have to possess to do something like that is just astonishing. [details=Spoiler]Even trying to send an anonymous tweet to the school, or students using the tor network would have been infinitely smarter. [/details]


Looks at title: plz be a white person…

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College is srs bzns guise.


I personally was disappointed that this wasn’t a crazy Asian news story.


An asian, fail out of college? Where they do that at?


My ex’s sister flunked out several times…due to a Starcraft addiction.

I can’t make this shit up.


After hanging out with a large amount of Asians (mostly Japanese) people in the last half a year, I can say without a doubt they are just as dumb as us Americans.


I clicked on the link expecting her to be the bomb. :sad:


Welcome to the world of irrational thinking!

It is not a fun place.



I can’t belive how stupid has to be a person to do this kind of shit, now she not only has to face the consequences with her family of dropping out of college but she also has to face the consecuences of comiting a crime.

This fucking generation has to be one of the dumbest of all time, i put the blame on Dan Schneider :coffee:


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Lol I seriously can’t believe this was the best solution she could come up with. She has no future. Better get ready to make a living off flipping burgers.


No doubt majored in Women’s Studies :coffee:


Female logic.

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