Girl dies, media uses the word "selfie" for hits. Idiot falls for it and makes thread on srk



Thread title is misleading


Damn, I was all posed to award a Darwin and then read the article.


One of the most misleading thread titles of recent memory. She had a full EIGHT MINUTES after taking a selfie until she collided with a car at the top of a hill.


You guys aren’t considering the possibility that they were trying to take ANOTHER selfie when the accident happened, hence the plural on the title.


Literally nothing in the article says that was the case. So no, I am not assuming. Anyone who assumes is an asshole.


So let’s throw the word selfie into the headline so that people will think that we’re delivering relevant news!
-KCTV News Producers.


It is clearly the man’s fault for driving normally on his side of the road. Clearly he should have better dodged the crappy female driver coming head on towards him over a hill. Why I bet he was even speeding.


Never mind, selfie didn’t cause the accident.
Boy, I feel like a dick now.


The driver of the truck is probably a man also, so there you have it, two men killing a woman.


That evil patriarchy!



Title accurate now.


I can see that lol…


I approve of new thread title, Red-haired Dark Knight.

Now, about this SenninSRK jabroni…

  1. Be a sexist prick and single-handedly justify feminism
  2. Disparage feminism
  3. Fail to see the irony
  4. Self-congratulatorily masturbate

Seriously. Bringing gender up out of nowhere to make fun of women but then joking/bitching about feminists making everything about gender.


This thread title change better not get in the way of my trolling.



You are good to go.


I think the ironic part is that you are a virgin, and you think whining about me is going to get you laid.

Actually I’m not sure I used the word “ironic” right. I think “fucking hilarious” might have been more apropos.



Well, that escalated quickly.

Time to toss more fuel onto the fire!

Feminism is stupid and social justice warriors are beta male, vegan, cuckolding sissies.

Am I doing it right?