Girl, er, I mean Gill

Midnight Bliss-ed.:stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t his left side supposed to be blue?

Um, yes.:stuck_out_tongue:

hey dAMON! :slight_smile:

been a while, last pic I recall was your cactaur girl…

cute pic, makes me wonder if Gill’s design (half-red, half-blue, long-haired blonde & wearing a thong) would be better received if he was female.


Good work. Looks great.

the forehead !! gill suppose to have a 3rd eye or a just a gem on gill’s forehead


Some sick pic that used to be on rotten.
This guy spammed SRK with it, hence the reason he’s banned.

and how dare he use “nigger” man

"that’s our word"N.word jim

“Alright That’s Cool”

Nice pic dAMON! It’s all crazy, sexy, cool!

post some more up!

                  Love, La Bamba

da game, you should delete or edit your post to remove the url man. its sick shit.

Well, I’ll just say this: You forgot the green gem on her forehead and you can just open whatever image editing program you have to mirror the image horizontaly.
You also made it so that the distance between her bellybutton and the end of her groin is too small.
Lastly, the colors look a bit rushed.

Other then those comments, good drawing on the allout. Very sexy.