Girl Gamers in CT

are there any? the only ones i have seen is 2 SC2 scrubs that play in Danbury

Jen and Kerri? They aren’t that bad.

No girls played me when I played sc2 at Danbury. =(

GenericPineapple@aol (don’t ask)

me and kerri are there almost everyday… Juicy…err… Jen, is usually on DDR.

i havent seen you 2 there in a while

My buddy Gina goes there from time to time to beast in ddr. Pretty damn good at it too. If any of you seen her the past friday she was the blonde in the tight light blue shirt, skirt and eyebrow piercing.

i dunno, they ok. but i’ll have to come out of ggxx retirement to show that one chick what’s up.

was it a 5 foot girl playing as May?

I only got to play shadow draken and some loud mouth guy who yelled stuff out like “I WILL AVENGE YOU MILLIA!” Why can’t I play the girls at Danbury.


first time I played in Danbury this summer 2 girls played me…one used Jam and the other used Millia or May or something

Did you win Sunny? Did you???

The only one losing to girls in here is you josh.

unforntuately, not being a gentleman I did beat them…i lost one round to the Jam tho… :xeye:

Hell yeah son, if you have boobs you can rape me in any fighting game. :tup:

you mean Q

I mean any girl. =\


Yeah a suprising amout of girl gamers are in ct… they need to coem to md :frowning: lol