Girl gets herself put into EA's NHL 12. Should women be included in male professional sports games?

So a girl writes to EA in order to get female bodies put into NHL 12. One side of the argument is that women don’t currently compete in the NHL, so it doesn’t make any sense to have females represented in the create a player. The other is that it’s a video game so players should have control over who they can and can’t make.

What do you think?

I think they should include the olympic womens hockey teams. sommadembitches go hard. But you cant have them facing a mens team unless u wanna gimp a player lol

They go into men’s sports, we’ll be seeing regular career-ending injuries. That said, shit would be MUCH more interesting.

I don’t see a problem with this at all. It’s just a video game after all, and more specifically create-a-player at that.

lol but out of all the sports it has to be hockey in this situation where players are wearing a ton of gear.

Nin would like to have a word with her…

Sure. It’s create a player. Who cares. Put that shit in Madden. I’d love to injure my wife’s entire all-girl team in the first quarter. lol.

I don’t play sports games, though. D:

Wasn’t there a woman goalie awhile back in the 90s, i remember having a Hockey card of some chick from the Lightening…

Anyway, if they are going to add women to Hockey they should add black people too!

What happens in vg stays in vg.

But real talk, gender in video games is irrevelant cause misogyny doesn’t have to be a factor in a game. Women (and children) can be just as strong if not stronger than any male character in a game.

Party pooper. I want REALISM. If Big Ben rushed through my wife (or any other women I know), she would die. D:

Generally, when I reply to a post that I disagree with, I like to take time to explain why I find the post to be incorrect. But, in this case, I will take a simpler approach to my response:


Go right ahead. I just hope she don’t get mad when someone creates a naked girls team. It’ll give new meaning to putting dat ass on the line…the 20 yard line to be more precise.


Why is it bullshit? If the game doesn’t cap the points people can spend on attributes someone could create an all 99 female/midget that would be the best in the league.

When we have the first female president, people will look at this and recognize this 14-year-old girl for the courageous trailblazer that she is.

One of the best women players in the world played in a top mens Finnish league.
She got like 3 points in 21 games.

Women hockey cannot even be compared to mens hockey.

Fuck this little cunt.

Realism talk, she’d probably put herself in a position she’s least likely to get hurt, like in the stands. To take it a step further, Big Ben probably wouldn’t rush her down due to her being a female. He might kill her like you said and doesn’t want to deal with the backlash from the public and all those feminist groups.

Tell that to 3S Chun.

…I don’t see what wrong with it. It’s a game, you can do what the fuck you want. Basically EA sport games aren’t realistic to sports anyway.

This ain’t Hit the Ice. Let’s be reality.

this but about vag

Technically, these games are supposed to be sports sims. So the rules of videogames that allow Chun Li to kick through brick walls with her thunder thighs don’t apply. If it’s a sim, it should attempt to represent the sport as realistically as possible. And you know what? In the real world, women simply do not have the physical traits to hang with men at the highest level. That’s not misogyny, that’s just pure scientific, biological and medical fact. All the stuff you see about the occasional girl making the boys teams in high school or D3 colleges or whatever, that’s not the highest level of competition. So those are not compelling or really even valid arguments for women in professional sports.

That doesn’t mean women’s sports should be abolished or doesn’t deserve support (at least at the collegiate level, let’s not even start on the WNBA) that just means that there’s no place for them at the professional men’s level.

Actually yeah let’s go there fuck it. Without the constant financial support of the NBA, the WNBA would already be dead. Years ago. Why? Because nobody bought tickets. Women weren’t watching it, they were watching the men. Men weren’t watching it. Pretty much only bulldyke feminist lesbians and moms bringing their kids who were in basketball watched it. Want to argue for women in a sports game? Prove there’s a market first. Because so far, there’s ZERO market for women’s sports in the US outside of tennis fans.

I guess it could be possible to have future women hockey players in male dominated NHL. When I think of hockey, I think of the crazy checks and the fighting. So I voted no.