girl in motion

Noice. I particularly like girl in motion. Has a certain style about it. I’m no artist but me likey.

the 1st animation is much better than the 2nd. but i think she blinks kinda slowly, you shouldkeep the speed of the hair and everything else the same, and make the blinking about 2x faster.

What do you think your doing?!

ha, only teasing. What, are you trying out some animation classes or just doing this out of fun? Either way it looks good for a beginner. Uh, the first is nice. Nice anime movement. The second has lots of potential. The beginning is really nice, add some more drawing on the end, with the kick and you should be set.

im doing this by myself in my spare time. they arent the best, these are my first, just testing.

what are you using to do it?

:slight_smile: I like them both. Is that girl Kari?

i second that

Have you heard of that rnb group called jagged edge, well your linework looks like that. Na just playing pretty good for a rookie.

photoshop and animation shop. i drew each frame than imported and looped.

sfmc, do u mean good as in animation wise?