Girl is a real-life 'Sleeping Beauty'



I was tempted to add the sleeping smiley but I though it would be mean.

I’m sure Million has the cure for whatever ails her.

ay baby! :cool:

and by that of course I mean no girl would ever fall asleep around million no matter how tired they are.

Haha, that dude is like bears, he can smell when they’re faking dead

The dad has been doping her up so she forgets what he does at night.


wow thats interesting. the human mind and body is so interesting. she has such a free pass on not having to do shit for the rest of her life. ha ha.

So when my parents ask me how I can be so lazy and sleep all day, I can just tell them:

Naw, I’m sleeping beauty dawg.

13 days asleep without food and water.

Sure. Ok. Oh, it’s Fox News.

not to mention having to take a piss/shit

You don’t like Fox News?

You must hate America!

The interviewer was astoundingly annoying. His voice almost sounded like he was berating them. Loud obnoxious asshole.

thats whats known as an american journalist

fake. excuse not to go to school.

Lol? I realise this post is kinda old but errrm but plenty of people can go without food and water for days at a time.

She wakes up for 2 hours a day. She doesn’t just stay asleep for 13 days straight. She says she will take a shower eat drink etc.