Girl sues parents to pay for college tuition after running away from home when they imposed a curfew


Beat you to this BEWD. Let the woman hating begin! Personally, I don’t blame feminism for this, but rather the self esteem movement from back in the day that leads to this kind of entitlement. But hey she is pretty good looking, she could still become a stripper/escort and pay for her school!


White people, can you PLEASE start hitting your kids again? Thank youuuuuuu…


Judge Peter Bogaard?

Court is now in session. STAND AUP!



18 is an adult and she was kicked out

Her bad

Porn and stripping and a starbucks job are all in her future


What kills me is that… She thinks she is entitled to finish out her senior year in her morethanlikely expensive Catholic school. What, she too good for public education? :bluu:


Her parents claim she wasn’t kicked out, she voluntarily left. The lawsuit was spurred on by the parents of one of her friends, the father of which is a lawyer and recommended another lawyer to pursue a case.

And in NJ, it’s not as clear-cut as, “she’s 18 an adult lulz.” I’d read up on the story if I were you.


Young white women are entitled to everything

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Basically she didn’t want to play by the rules and left while expecting a free ride on the way out. Kids these days…


apparently her new bf turned her into a party whore so that’s why her parents told her to knock it off


lol this.

My dad always made it clear the second I turned 18 I would be out of the house.

Since she’s a white girl she’ll probably be okay even at a garbage college like Vermont probably “studying” a BS subject like Women’s Studies. But she probably doesn’t even need the degree and can shack up with some random guy that will put her through college. Then after she gets through college she can divorce the loser and laugh at him hah.

American men can’t keep their women in line, because American men are pussies. If you’re a pussy of course you get ruled by one.


She’s hot. She’ll be fine.


If she loses the court case, there’s always porn.



Young hot girls are the most egomaniacal self centered brats you could ever meet. Worse than 2 year olds or dictators in the vanity department.

Bitches need to be set straight with a good 'ol Ralph Kramdon "get out!"

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Us beautiful people will always be fine.


The ratchet entitlement


the way she’s acting, I would say she is entitled to a ratchet upside the face.



But what about us really really really ridiculously good looking people? :confused:


If that was my daughter I’d smack the SHIT out of her. Maybe even punch.


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