Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation

I’ll let the video speak for itself, lol.

I’ll let the link speak for itself, lol.

vid is pretty old but funny as hell, how dumb is that bitch!

Ninja edit: dating thread would have been better

I approve of this being posted in GD as I’m not aware of the existence of any video thread on SRK.

That girl is :rofl:

Are we making a new thread everytime we find a funny video?

Have you guys seen that Larry Jenkins comedy clip on Google Videos?

lol. I saw this first on College Humor. <3 the part, “I know you’re around”.

He’s an idiot in one respect, we have the internet in Europe/internet cafe’s :lame:

How in the world is HE the idiot in ANY respect? He (1) talked about often it before he left (2) called to say goodbye the night before and (3) if I’m going backpacking on vacation, do you REALLY think you would want to be on a computer? The point to leaving is to get away from all that stuff.