Girlfriends and Serious/Competitive SF4

Can it work?


FGD imo :angel:

they do not understand that anything they do or say makes us lose.
that goes for 5 year old kids too.

“Stop making me dinner!!! You’re THROWING OFF MY GAME, you whore!!”

holy shit, i was finishing up the poll and already 3 posts. i hope this gets pretty juicy cause the way my ol’ dragon talks she makes it seem as if all i do is sf4. whats an hour a day???..sheesh!

If you ask me, that’s what she should be doing.

ahahahahahahah ^this = win! :rofl:

True that

If it doesn’t, just FADC the bish.

She even encourages me to play more.
Whenever i don’t play for a day or so, she asks me if there’s something wrong with me.
Sometimes when i have SF on but i’m not playing, she picks up the stick/controller and starts doing training/challenge mode to prepare her for the arcade mode.

She’s the type to look up all the characters info and background stories, which was suprising to me since The Sims 2 is the only game she’s currently playing.

I love her!

She has done something bad behind your back and she feels guilty about it.

lol jk. :rofl:

ahh there’s always the sceptics :wgrin:

:wgrin: +1

its crazy but my girl actually asks me if she can watch me play sf4 but then the whole time she screams " CHOP HIM CHOP HIM!!!"… lol i guess its good prac

My fiance doesn’t mind if I play a lot, but she refuses to hear anything about it. She gets all pissy if I even mention the game around her.

lmao nice girlfriend.

Your mom said it’s all right for me to play SFIV all day, so I guess it can work.

She comes sometimes to gatherings and tournaments. She even participates, though she absolutely sucks.

She likes the friendly, competitive atmosphere around here.

I’m married, and my wife doesn’t mind me playing and even joins in sometimes. She doesn’t care too much for the gatherings though, because we get into pretty technical discussion about the game that she doesn’t care to understand. It’s all nerd babble to her, haha.

Now the real distraction that keeps me from playing more is my 11 month old son :lol:

I never play Street Fighter while he’s awake and playing around, I just feel like it would be neglectful. The one time I tried it was when he was being real still and just playing quietly with some toys in the floor right in front of me. In the middle of a championship match he crawled forward, pressed the xbox button on the console and turned the damn thing off. Even though I was winning the match, I logged back in to a “ur trash ragequitter” message.

I sent a message explaining what happened but I somehow doubt the guy believed me. Online SFIV is SERIOUS BUSINESS :lol:

My wifes cool with it but she refers to me playing SFIV as “pounding on that big joystick like a madman” :smile:

I’ve been gaming a lot ever since we know each other and now it’s Street Fighter. Not a big difference from her point of view.

Most of my playing happens when she and the kids are sleeping though. Toddlers don’t really care for the fact that I need to concentrate and pushing random buttons doesn’t help at all.