Girls And Guilty Gear

The GG: SLASH machine at my arcade gets a good ammount of play on it, but not from guys though. 60% of the time I’ve seen a girl(s) playing GG when nearby there’s a perfectly good cabinet with Puzzle Fighter on it. My question is how/why would does GG appeal to chicks? and other games like SF2, MVC2, and 3S don’t?

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Because chicks are more likely to be able to see how GG owns the shit out of everything else?

I don’t know, it could be a statistical anomaly as much as anything else.
Also why do you mention the puzzle fighter cab, being as it’s a completely different game to everything else you mentioned?

sol and ky fangirls

I mentioned Puzzle Fighter because that’s the only game girls will play. Unless there’s a Drum/Guitar Freaks or DDR-ish game around.

holy shit there are slash machines in america???

girls play soul calibur and shooters around here (notably time crisis), along with aforementioned music games. merely speaking from limited observation.

my friend was in japan for few days last week, and told me that at sega ikebukuro there were actually several girls playing slash.

What, girls play fighting games?!!! Which arcade do you go to? I’m there!

Serious answer: It’s probably because of its anime look.

Realistic answer: Sol and Ky fangirls.

This is truth. From the times I’ve stopped off at Ikebukuro back in 2k3-2k4 I’ve seen a good number of girls owning in GGXX#R. There’s also a small following of girl Tekken players, one of the top players here in Okinawa has a girlfriend that’s nearly as beastly as he is with Xiaoyu(but all her other characters get owned for free, probably because he only showed her Xiao since that’s his main).

Nah there are several girls that play fighters man. My Fiance plays fighters and actually is decent at them. My little sister is learning lol. So she can pay with her big bro <3 so they are out there and they arent fangirls

The females that I’ve known (personally) that play fighters play them obviously because of the pretty graphics. Guilty Gear X and Soul Calibur come to mind. Now, I don’t mean to sound demeaning towards females, depicting them as shallow. They play them because they are fun, and for the gameplay. But from what I’ve observed, the graphics play a huge part of a fighter game’s appeal.

My g/f plays fighters as well, Guilty Gear included. Hell, she kicks my ass in Melty Blood pretty badly. It’s pretty crazy hahaha.

PsychoSquall: Even if that is true for most, I guess my g/f is one of the exceptions. She doesn’t seem to care all that much about graphics, and actually has an affinity towards 2D, I guess I got lucky.

Because 90% of the cast looks like girls themselves.

you got it.

Ryu just anit cutting it with ladies sorry.


to get attention from the guys?:sweat: :wink:

I’ve had 2 girlfriends that were really into KOF, mainly because of all the females in the game. Sadly they were all horrible in it, but it was nice to have your girl actually interested in a fighting game as opposed to the usual disinterest/boredom.

Quick memory, there was this one girl who used to play MK1 back in the day at my old arcade who was beastly with Sub Zero and near unstoppable with Cage. That was the first time I ever saw a good female player in any video game.

The real important question is: are they good looking?

Cause shit man, pigs have vaginas too, and if one played Street Figther I wouldn’t give a fuck.


My girlfriend plays a lil MvC2 every now and then. She wants me to help her out (which those of you who know me is quite laughable) but yeah.

I suppose it’s the anime/graphics. Plus it seems a lot easier to get into at first.


the ladies love bridget