Girls, Fighting Games, Controversy?!


hi! i’m trying to research this whole thing about girls being mistreated in teh fighting game community. what’s the deal, guys? i want to write a paper about it for my gender studies class that i’m in now at school cause it would be really sweet to get to write about video games in gender studies class. i’ve played street fighter and marvel v capcom for a while and i’m pretty okay at 'em. my brother hates when I beat him. waht do you guys think about all this stuff about girls and fighting games?


I speak for the whole FGC when I say we all hate women and we think it’s okay to sexually harass and beat them. Also women do not belong to serious video game tournaments, except at behind the food counter.


I don’t care if you’re a llama, if you legitimately enjoy playing the game and against other people in hopes of getting better then gender doesn’t matter. It never has.

I’d like to think most everyone else feels the same.


Who was being sarcastic here? I mean, ask Aris.




Come now Mr. Power, surely you know that females playing video games is never out of the question.

So long as they’re playing the game within the confines of a kitchen of course.


Could you…get the fuck out? This is neither the time nor the place nor the proper way to research this. Go back to your professor that you started doing research by pissing of all the gatekeepers in the community you wanted to contact. She’ll either tell you what to do or shouldn’t be teaching at the collegiate level.

What am I even doing? Dumb ass troll thread.


My word Pertho, such hostility!

Have you hugged a puppy or kitten today?



Come on. This is a really bad troll thread and those who replied should be ashamed of having fallen for it.