Girls/women who love playing fighting games

I happen to know some girls and women who enjoy playing fighting games, I even know a lady in her mid 40’s who loves them. It’s always good to see girls who are very competitive in the FG community and I always love the fact the it really isn’t male dominated. It’s upsetting how that there are people who think that girls are never as good as guys in fighting games, but I strongly disagree witht hat. I do know that there are lots of girls who are on SRK as well and it’s great to see more of them to be involved witht he community. I’m planning to play with one on GGPO and she’s pretty excited. Are you proud that there are more girls and women who play FGs competively than most people know?

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What is the big deal with females playing games? There are just PEOPLE. Are there some alien species you never encountered in your life before? What is the amazement
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Of course women aren’t good at fighting games, they lack the upper body strength to be competent.

That being said, there are a lot more female gamers than you probably think there are, it’s less interesting now than it was a decade ago (and it barely was back then).

How can they play fighting games when they’re supposed to be making sandwiches?

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Gentlemen, I present to you my thesis on gender roles within our hobbyist/lifestyle recreational community.

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Stop making lame topics. It’s Fighting Game discussion about specific games. Go party in GD with random threads.