Give goodm0urning's band a hand

My band, Tyrannovox, is enrolled in a contest to open for Kiss when they come to Michigan.

If anybody wants to help us out by voting for us, the instructions are here.

The process isn’t quite as streamlined as our instructions make it out to be, but it’s not that complicated. You’d think that a band that’s better known for its marketing genius than its music would pick an organization with a less clunky website, but weirder things have happened.

Done. Good luck dude!

Done…open for Kiss.

done, have any links to your bands website or any music at all

It’s on the OP…Tyrannovox: Help us open for Kiss in Detroit!

Songs on the left side.


FUCK! :mad:

this is why i love srk


Done. Good luck! That would be quite the experience.



You have my support. Good luck!


Is there a way to cast, like… a negative vote or something.

Done Good Luck.


Voted noob!

Haters gonna hate…


Done and good luck.

Done and done.


now lemme hear your music and you owe me a concert here in my city

edit: oops i learned to read

btw, are you the 2nd or 4th dude in the pic at the top of the page?

cuz those are my guesses

Thanks, guys.

Our music can be found on the MySpace page, though we don’t do much with it anymore. These days, we pay a bit more attention to the Blogspot page. Which might reveal something about how long it’s been since I’ve thought about my SRK sig.

Sure there is.

Step 1: Approach the nearest police officer.

Step 2: Tell him that you would like to vote against Tyrannovox, and that you just molested a busload of children after giving them heroin. Be sure to emphasize that you’re probably going to do it again. It helps to be completely naked and covered in heroin residue.

Fourth dude.

Done, Good luck.