Give me some advice on my gay agetec mod?

so i took the square gate off the bottom of the stick and i’m holding the PCB up with electrical tape.

It feels great, but the PCB somtimes comes a little loose.

how could i keep it upt here?

A lot of electrical tape? I have HFS3 and one long piece is keeping it up there real snug.

haha! that could work… i’ll put some more. i don’t think it’ll hurt it.

hot glue.

i don’t want something permanent. eventually, i’m going to kill the agetec and make it all sanwa… nothing that could potentially make a mess.

You can also take an old ESD bag from a computer part and glue/tape it to the bottom of your case. I did this for my HFS3 mod, the PCB rests right on it with no problems.

Hot glue isn’t really permanent. Just run it around the outside, and when you want to take it up, hit it with a hair dryer and it should peel off fairly easily.

ESD bg?

It’s those bags that hardware parts for computers come in.

i just don’t get how i’m supposed to put it on. it

I would just hot glue the pcb right where you want it. At least like that you know that it won’t fall and that it will be easy to remove the day you decide to do the mod.

Could try velcro too, enough pieces will hold betetr then electrical tape and its completely removable.

If I had a choice though…hot glue is the way to go.

Small magnets. Yes I know its usually not a good idea with electronics but that’s what BP did with my stick and it work great. It holds on if I shake it but comes out easily if I need to.

Not really, since there aren’t any sensitive parts within the pcb, if anything the analogue sticks might act weird but this one doesn’t have any. Plus, usually magnets themselves don’t really affect electrical equipment, you would really need an EMP to do that. Like put your laptop on top of a speaker, which is in essence a huge magnet,and the harddrive and other electrical components will be fine.

Glue gun ftw

Thanks for the clarification. I was just under the impression that generally, magnets+electronics were a abd idea.

alright, i’m convinced… might try the hot glue

but seriously… taking off teh square gate = perfect stick for mvc2 now.

maybe a dumb question, but are you running that shit gateless? how does that work?

Are there not screw holes that line up with the holes in the switches?
Could you not just screw it on.

yes, i’m running it gateless

no, there’s no screwholes.