Give me some advice(this isn't a showcase or a noob help thing)


what could i do to change my shit?


Hmm…don’t use an outer glow on sprites, and pick better fonts.


I think your fonts are fine, but don’t abuse the glow on sprites, if you use it, try to keep it strictly for type.


thanks… i’ll take this into consideration… i like my fonts… but i’ll shitcan the glow shit… sometimes i just did it to make the sprite more outstanding from teh background.

thanks :slight_smile:


id just say work on your typo and direction


You need to address two things that any designer in the professional world keeps in mind while they are designing.

  1. Design for the space. Make sure that everything that is taken up by your design is accounted for. I don’t mean place some little thing everywhere in the frame. I mean make sure that if there is blank space in a section of a frame, that the blank space is intentional as part of the bigger design.

  2. You are finished when there is nothing to take away. When you are finished with a design, take one last look at it, and start removing elements of it. If the design doesn’t absolutely hinge on those minor elements being in the piece, throw it out. This also applys to colors. If a sprite doesn’t fit with the color scheme that you created for the piece, don’t be afraid to edit out the offending colors in order to make your piece more elegant.

  • what???

  • REI: thanks alot