Give me some dirty cheap things I can do in KOF99

please help, thanks.

who’s the best striker I thought ralf and ryo.

Damn Mai is mean is she top tier or something, she can build meter and turtle like crazy, damn!

Yuri and Choi are the best strikers (if you know how to use striker Choi appropiately)

Ooh Choi Thanks I’ll give it a shot Lantis… I know Yuri is Eyyvil, very evil… :frowning:

Thanks man

kensou, close d xx dp+A in the corner, repeat (on block)

Bao reflector move on block.

yeah that bao reflector does dumb chip, it’s the same in 98… and if it hits easy striker combo.

:wtf: Bao wasn’t in '98 (and if you’re talking about Athena’s reflector, it didn’t have nearly the start-up time Bao’s has).

clark, leona and kasumi are very good strikers too, but depends the chars you use, so yeah yuri and choi are like universal

They should’ve let Terry keep that shoulder charge move.


Ralf: Jump B all day, all day

Jhun B pose anyone? you can attack, block, evade with high priority oohh and super

this is such cheese. I watched my friend beat the entire game with that bullshit.

I like bao gona try that.

Jump b with ralf also worth a shot cause I couldn’t break Mai in the air at all.

You sure about Jhun? Cause I like using him against noobs but I find good players rush me down and kill.

That’s because Jhun isn’t as mindless as other characters.

Jump CD gets fuckers grounded, though. That shit comes out FAST (also like his stand CD)! :looney: