Give me some ideas for a plush creation


update 10/14/09
I just got a cheap stitching machine. I still do have a lot of material still lying around unused. Please give me some ideas for Plush Creations you’d like to see.

Recently Finished Project: Mini SF4 Plush characters

- Everyone
- Seth, Rufus
- C. Viper, Abel
- El Fuerte, Gouken

C. Viper [1] [2]

Rufus [1] [2]

Seth [1] [2]

Abel [1]

Gouken [1]

El Fuerte [1]

Group Pictures [1] [2] [3]

Previous Projects:
-Backside of Tink (lolmorehands)
-Side view of Tink (lolhand)
-Random Tinkerbell compilation project (me, brother and cousin) gift for a birthday
-Full Plush Family: Rufus, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li
-Ring Hooks added for multiple purpose use (Chun Li’s backside)
-Chun Li’s underside (spinning bird kick!)
-Deluxe Chun Li plush (and Ryu too!)
-Stock Crane Game Pikachu Doll I won on first try. (compensation for the Pikachu Doll)
-Pikachu Doll I made as a gift request. (Also with Kirby and Ken, Kirby is made by my brother)
-SHOOORRYUUUUKEEEN~! Ken Masters’ debut, with Ryu. (and R.O.B.)
-Ryu “Voodoo Doll” solo picture. (and R.O.B. You’ll see him a lot :rofl:)-
-Ryu “Voodoo Doll” vs Rufus! (and R.O.B. holding him up)-
-Rufus Plush! (sans mouth; added later)-

I got tons of material to work with. :slight_smile:


Most of you probably saw this in the SF MS paint thread, but I liked it, I’ll post it here too.
Both done by me, just cleaned up the one on the right to look like the one on the left.

Other Works:
-Simply Rufus: colorful silhouette
-Balrog ride his pink Bicycle out of Cerulean City
-Rufus vs Ken: Space Opera Symphony!
-Rufus uses Force Push?
-Rufus Sprite: Street Fighter 2 Style
-T! is for Tiger! (Sagat/KFC fusion attempt)
-“Falcon Kick”: Captain Falcon (Smash) + Rufus joke
-Rufus done in MSpaint (final piece)-
-Rufus Framework with a female mannequin with Rufus outfit-
-Random stuff related to Rufus, and major changes made-
-Rufus Alternate Costume??!?!!! LOL-

Enjoy~ <3F1


Thats cool man…specially using paint!!

Thanks for the comments. Small update for now. Changd the image to a gif, and also check the original post for some links to other things. :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind getting me a clear image of Rufus’ backside (that icon thing or whatever) on his Alternate Costume? I’ve got something I want to do with Rufus’ back facing us, but I’d like a good reference shot if possible. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow not bad at all considering its ms paint
how long did u spend on that?!?!

Updated with a Rufus Plush toy. I’m an amateur at sewing… by the way. :rofl:

Made it in about 2 days and cost about $5 in material.


Updated with a new Doll on the first post. :slight_smile:

Making dolls is quite addicting actually. I might make some for comission if I get really good enough. :rofl:

But for now, I’ll keep practicing.


Haha, good shit F1xxy!

That plushie is pretty badass.

The Rufus plushie looks pretty damn good! Voodoo doll Ryu is nice as well.

i`ve seen better///but still good

pjstemplates com

Rufus doll looks pretty nice.

cool stuff. this is the first time i’ve seen fan art with “dolls” on this site.

HAHA those are both awesome but I especially like rufus!

Pretty cool custom plushies

there pretty dope man!
and nice paint skills


Thanks for the comments everyone! :slight_smile:

Also, update! :smiley:


Haha, nice Ken doll. You even got his thick eyebrows down. :bgrin:


lol, sorry with the slowdown on things to make, ran out of stuffing thanks to that notorious Pikachu. Will start on some more soon. :slight_smile:


Good Pikachu but that Kirby’s waaaay too adorable. :woot: