Give me some ideas for a plush creation

Another Update. Check the first post. :slight_smile:


Chun’s massive! Doll looks great as usual.

chun doll lookin good

First time seeing this, very talented! :tup:

Good stuff F1xxy.
So very cool.

Will you be at AX09 with your own Artist Alley table?
I’ll drop by if you going, and do have.

hahah fuckin cool

Thanks for the <3 everyone. :slight_smile:

AX09? I’m not aware of it. :expressionless:

I only took up dollmaking recently, and it’s only really a kind of side hobby. I don’t think I’m good enough yet to warrant a table at that event you’re speaking of. (you should see some of the stitchwork on these, yecch!) ^_^;

Though, I do have plans to continue making them in the future.

Plans for World Domination


To sell to SRK members once I can get a sewing machine for consistency and speed purposes (which will be after my account here is 6 months old).


If you’re seriously going to sell plushes down the line, I’ll totally pick up a Ken or a Rufus and have him guard my desk and my TE while I’m away.

Notice: I’m in Edmonton, Canada for now.

Update by the way. =)


Cranking these out like crazy… I’ll have Fuerte and Gouken up by tomorrow for sure. :slight_smile:


I want a rufus doll so bad. omg.

awesome stuff!

I just got a cheap stitching machine. I still do have a lot of material still lying around unused. Please give me some ideas for Plush Creations you’d like to see.


Awesome! I want an El Fuerte plushie!