Give me something to practice please, i'm bored of DC

Playing 3s on the DC is realy starting to suck big style. To be honest, I don’t think there’s much else I can learn, besides execution and timing.

As we know the DC version is extremely toned down, but I’m unsure on which characters are efected and how. Could someone lay it down for me please?

The point to this thread is I need some more combo’s/teqniques to practice, but all the characters I wan’t to learn have been restricted in some way, ie. Dudley, Necro, Urien, Oro etc. I have some stuff with them but it’s nothing realy special.

Recent practices:

Dudley: EX mg, hcf+k, k xx SAIII
EX mg, hcb+k xx SAIII, hcf+k, k xx SAIII

Urien: c.hp(1hit), m.tackle xx lp.SAIII, h.tackle, c.hp, m.tackle xx lp.SAIII, m.tackle, fierce reset in corner

Is there anything else that is nice to learn with any characters on DC? Im desperate for something else to practice. My ken and Makoto(my two favourites) are ready to take into real matches when I get XBL, I’m happy with what I’ve learned with them now, I have most of it down. I just need something; new. Anything will be most apreciated.