Give me your honest opinion (HRAP3 mod)

So I’m on Lizard lick about to buy arcade parts, but I honestly cant decide between either SANWA pushbuttons or Seimitsu PS-14-KN Pushbuttons. I was also going to buy a Seimitsu LB-39 Ball top (I was going for Seimitsu all white finish) BUT I’ve heard nothing but great things about SANWA push buttons. But If I bought SANWA push buttons I would also go with the SANWA LB-35 balltop to match. I wanted to go with Seimitsu because the clear look is badass but If SANWA is better than I’m going with that instead. Can anyone give me an honest input (preferably from experience) It would be greatly appreciated.

I order my buttons for my stick already, I got Sanwa buttons. But, I got the Seimitsu LB-39 clear balltop. I would mix it up a little bit. Only thing I have heard about buttons that are screw in and I can not confirm it because this is the first time I’ve ever modded a stick, but I have heard that screw ins are hard to work with sometimes because they may not fit. Sanding will fix it, but that will be a lot of work. The model of the Seimitsu buttons that are snap ins are the PK-14 K buttons I think, but I have not seen them anywhere. I have heard that the Seimitsu buttons are good, they are clicky and not as sensitive to pressure from what I have read, I think either way you will have the best buttons you can buy no matter which ones you go with.

“I have read, I think either way you will have the best buttons you can buy no matter which ones you go with.”

that is very true, the Seimetsu/SANWA buttons im getting are both Snap ins though so I wouldnt have a hard time modding. I’m just having a hard time deciding :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with YcemanSince1985. I did the same thing LB-39 balltop with Sanwa buttons. Awaiting my order from Lizardlick. :slight_smile: But yes, everything I’ve heard are that both buttons are top quality and the best. This is also my first stick mod, so I went with what was easier to put in, and Sanwa snap-ins win on that one :slight_smile:

Semiitsu PK-14 skeleton buttons aren’t snapin and so the button for the X slot won’t fit in. Seimitsu buttons aren’t as sensitive, Sanwa is real sensitive.

The only thing Semiitsu I ordered was the bubble ball top.

I think Semiitsu buttons look way better, but after hearing how awesome Sanwa buttons were, I went with them.

For my first stick I went with Seimitsu transparents because I love the look of them.

However I’ll be getting a 2nd set of Sanwa buttons very soon just to be able to switch out if i like.

Can’t the X button nut just be sanded down then placed as the button is screwed in from the top? That is what I plan to do.

PS-14-K buttons are snap-ins, PS-14-K-N buttons are screw-in. You can get both at, though color selection for PS-14-K is limited.

It’s really a personal preference, but I would buy the Sanwas unless you really want the look of the Seimitsus more. They feel very different, the Seimitsus being stiffer and less smooth in general. But they’re both buttons; they punch and kick when you press them.

If you’re real picky and like to experiment, buy a set of each to try out, or you’ll just end up doing it anyway and eating shipping cost. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you can do that. It’s easier with a Seimitsu nut because they’re thinner. On my HRAP2 SA it still needed shaving though. I dremeled a chunk out of it.

getting two sets is exactly what I did… I will make two identical boxes and then use two sets… let people play and give me their feedback on it…


Seimitsu. I tried some Sanwa’s with a friend’s TE stick. Too sensitive for my tastes. I found myself accidently hitting buttons when resting my fingers over the buttons. Don’t have this problem with my Seimitsu and the they have a tiny bit more resistance.

Sanwa buttons have a “floating” feel to them and are a little bit more sensitive compared to Seimitsu buttons which feel a little more stiff to the push but both work great. I also thought the Sanwas were too sensitive at first but now I’m starting to prefer them after using my SFIV TE stick a lot.
The Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm buttons come with a nut to screw in from the bottom and that can be a little problematic when installing inside a crowded joystick. I added the PS-14-KNs to my SFIV SE FightStick and only had a problem with the nut closest to the joystick mount. It took a little work but I finally got it screwed on. I used a flat head screwdriver to help me turn the nuts once it got too tight & crowded to use my fingers.

I actually prefer the nut to the snap-ins. I broke 3 of the hori snap-ins taking them out, the nuts are just so much easier to deal with :). Don’t over tighten the nuts either, you’re going to regret doing that when you have to take them off for any reason. Thye only need to be tight enough to where the button doesn’t move around and it’s not like they will get loose since there is no spin when pressing buttons.

Good point Pasky, don’t over-tighten! You could end up stripping the treads on the body of the button or crack your nut. I don’t use the flathead screwdriver for torque, only to lock into the grooves of the nut thus making the turning a lot easier when compared to using my fingertips.