GIve The Scrub A Break

donate some skill please?

I just picked up guile yesterday and i have been practicing, any tips on how to play him better would be great.

also, how hard is it to FADC into ultra, I was told pretty damn hard, so i don’t even know if im going to try for awhile, im a 2000 pp scrub.

this is my first charge character btw.


i cannot get that sonicboom out, i feel like im going forward and back quick enough for the first sonic boom, but iunno… im playing on pad.

hold back and down so you can charge while keeping your ground. also the stick movement shouldn’t disrupt your combos

this too

iunno that seems a little to basic, maybe not, but understanding his normals works best with plain old playing, couple good tips though.

lol i think i know this much.

I cant do j.hp sonic sonic boom… I try to get out that last sonic boom as fast as possible, but im not fast enough, i followed the fast sonic boom guide, but i always did booms like this. I go forward then back as fast as possible, i even try to not go all the way forward in order to speed up my charge. I cant get the last sonic boom, i use a 360 controller.

Sry bout grammar im on ipad

edit: i misunderstood the guide, i am still not hitting that combo though lol

I think you need to buffer the boom (not sure what the term is), when you do boom you go b->f->b then hit the punch. The f->b you do it very qucikly, you can get the boom out and it gives you a little more charge time for the next boom.

It is just easier if you forget about the buffering and do, j.hp->>boom->cr.lp->>hard boom

I am guessing if you can do it without the lp by using charge buffering that you can link a backfist into the combo for extra damage, with the lp it just pushes the guy too far to do a backfist.

That combo actually sucks for damage, you do all that for a 230 damage reward, but it looks damn good.

as i said above i followed the guide for buffering sonicbooms, still can’t nail it… imma keep trying today tho.

if its not that much damage, what corner bnb should i go for? I love that combo it looks so flashy.

Corner bnb? > s.hp xx boom > sweep.

Yah, I’ve been maining guile since vanilla and I’ve never even attempted that combo. Keep it simple. Advanced charge buffering like that isn’t worth your time.

Also, check the combo thread if you haven’t already. The damage has changed since AE, but most of what’s posted in there is what you need to know at a basic level.

I think a good corner combo would be, c.lp, > lp boom if you have 2 bars. It can easily be hit confirmed into FA crumple cos of the distance it pushes Guile away and the lp buys you more time. Guile can also fadc dash in and continue instead of crumpling if he’s slightly further away.

Another one is, c.lp > lp boom, c.lp, > mp/hp boom fadc forward and continue. The first c.lp doesn’t push the opponent too far so you will definitely get the followup combo. Characters with bigger boxes can be crumpled instead of dashing forward with FA but you have to use lp boom.

slinkun is right, ->s.hp->boom-> sweep is guile’s best bnb

I prefer j.hp->s.hp->boom->s.hp

j.hp->s.hp->boom is about 260 damage on a 3 hit combo, if you manage to get the extra hit in it becomes ~325 ish

If you are a baller then use the> fk at the end of the boom. I can never time the to get that hit in so I stick with s.hp

That combo is only the combo that got much easier from vanilla to AE as you do not have to be very strict on holding the back charge the instant you leave the ground.

Any practical combo that involves lp->mp without an ex bar will not break 250 even though it takes more effort than his 3 hit bnb.

thanx for the tips, i changed my corner BNB to s.hp sonic boom

i was wondering

whats your crumple combo, i can’t do the flash kick one?
does the booms have different frames in hit stun or block stun?
does light recover the fastest?
any tips on how to do the FADC ultra?

I am a PC player so I went from vanilla to AE, crumple was not worth it in vanilla and I have not transitioned to using it in AE, -> flash after crumple does not seem hard in training mode so I would go with that. If I ever get a crumple, my first instinct is mp->fk, easy to do but not much damage.

for stun I have no idea.

I think all the booms have the same recovery. I tend to use light boom the most and in combos, just gives me more time to consider my options. In fancy combos where you push the guy far away from you, you have no choice but to use hard boom if you want it to combo.

I am a pad player too, I never was able to do the FADC into the ultra.

FADC’s are always worth it, maybe not for punishing but for a counter attack or a way to get in, you must use FADC’s in certain scenarios. is pretty darn hard lol, on certain characters who are tall its mad easy, but on ryu i could only hit it once after many trys, i guess i would prob go with the mp fk which is what i was going to do to begin with, unless i can master fk

ill just stick with hp sonicboom in my combo’s i can never tell which one ill need at the time lol

I agree that FADC into U2 is very important, I have been trying to do it but it never comes out. There is no other solid way to land u2 other than FADC into it.

I use the Ultra only once in like 25 matches, I have no solid way to hit confirm into his U1 or U2, so I generally just avoid using it.

I play on PC so it is a small pond, but so far I have not met another guile that pulled a fadc into Ultra on me, so I think it is something reserved for only the most balling of guile players.

I disagree. If you time/space it correctly than you can easily punish whiffed ultra’s, supers and even dp’s (the last of which can happen a lot). Additionally it’s very possible to catch them with it when they’re jumping in and are not any where near your head, and possibly even when they’re jumping out. My usual friends I practice with don’t use fireball characters (LOL I know… small pool of friends) but I could see you punishing someone for using a fireball too close to you.

To sum up I think U2 has its uses as a punish in its current form, is more useful in more situations than U1 still, but doesn’t necessarily seem worth it to fadc into it (not only is it hard to execute but it also does crap damage).

I think we either need U2’s startup reduced again and damage added, or more utility added to U1 (which I’d really like; currently only a few unsafe jump-ins are punishable by it and your opponent practically always can see if you want to use it).

no way, i watch the pro guiles and they think FK FADC to ultra 2 is a valid and good option and i agree. its better then FADC shades, which is what i do when i decide i wanna wake up with guile. Other then that i use it for all the standard things like punishing ultras or srk’s or fireballs.

i wasn’t even talking about FK FADC into ultra to begin with tho lol, i just want to be able to do a focus attack dash forward ultra.

I’m not saying that FK FADC into ultra’s a horribly bad idea, but the payoff for Guile doing it is much worse than a number of other characters.

What you’re saying though is you’d like to FA someone, dash forward and ultra them? That would be pretty useful.

I agree with you that Ultra can easily punished whiffed stuff, I am just holding out that one day it will be easier to confirm into an Ultra.

My preference for Ultra is U1, you can combo into it, mp->boom->super->ultra 1 (I did that maybe half a dozen times, damage scaling is off the charts but it looks so damn good) .

I think Guile is 50% psychology, if you can shock and awe them and make them 2nd guess about being liberal with the DP then guile can really do a superb job of beating them to a pulp. U1 has that psychological impact, U2 not so much.

My BNB is fk cancel into super (a~350 damage, not the best way to use the whole meter, but looks damn good), you can not link the U1 after the super because that is a 3rd juggle. You can go boom cancel into super then U1. With fk you can use it for both ground and air but boom is not good for anti air so alot less flexible starting with the boom.

Triple juggle is not unheard of, gouken can do double juggle then into ultra, Guile can do>>fk triple juggle, but sadly anything that goes into ultra for guile is 2 juggle max.

yea i just want to simple FADC to ultra2 no flash kick no special crap, just the simple fadc to ulra.

the phychoness of ultra 2 would be to stop fireballs from certain ranges, and less jump in’s

I mostly use U2 as a jump in punisher or fireball punisher up close. I prefer to save my meter for blocked FKs or just to chuck that EX boom to finish a round.