Giving Fightstick a chance(how long?)


I’ve been using a TE2+ for almost a month now and I haven’t gotten much better if at all. I went back to a controller yesterday and couldn’t believe how much better my footsies were. Does it generally take this long to get good at stick? It more the left hand part that I’m concerned about. I find dashing and other quick movements to be harder with stick. The right hand feels slightly awkward but I can deal.
So anyway, I will continue to try it but I’m actually considering getting the Hori Fighting Commander 4 to try it out. Anyone have any input?


It takes longer than a month for most people because muscle memory. Be patient.


Ah, okay. I’m keeping at it then. A few more months at least.


if you like using pad, i see no reason why you should stop using it and switch to stick. it’s all about preference, stick may not necessarily make you better at fighting games (i remember gootecks saying its easier for pad players to dash). with that being said, if you’re serious about using stick, it definitely takes more than a month to switch, don’t be discouraged and keep trying. but like i said, nothing wrong with pad.


That video is really awesome. I haven’t played much on stick in so long. I remember thinking they were pretty comfortable when I was a kid but man, it doesn’t feel that way anymore. I have a feeling I’ll return to pad in some form but I’ll keep with the stick for a while.


Wow dude I’m in the exact same predicament. I was just looking at The Hori FC4 on Snake_Eyez uses a pad and he’s sick as hell. I’ve only been using the arcade stick for about 3 months now and it’s getting better but it’s still difficult. I’m going to give it 6mo-1year and see how I am at that point. If I don’t see a major improvement I’m going back to pad for sure. I may just buy the FC4 to try it out right now anyway.


i have an hc4. fantastic controller. but if you play frequently dont expect the d pad to last as long as say a ps4 or xb1 controller. my d pad is getting unresponsive and is loud and finnicky and ive used it maybe 6 months


I’d say six months minimum. Potentially years. I guess it depends on how often you play too. Try playing all games you can on it (any games that don’t require a keyboard, a mouse or analog sticks), not just fighting games.

The worst thing you can do is keep getting back to pad when you get frustrated.

PS: I noticed you mentioned dashing. If you use a Sanwa JLF (stick model), my opinion is that dashing is the number one most uncomfortable movement for it. I find it much better on a Hori Hayabusa. I’m not a fan of Seimitsu sticks for fighting (I despise the LS-32, and the LS-58 is excellent for non-fighting games; haven’t used other Seimitsu stick models).


If you started off gaming on a controller, you’re probably best off continuing to use it UNLESS you find fighting games awkward on controllers (from day one).

Some of us started gaming on joysticks, e.g. the old arcade games or even those old Atari consoles. Even the Nintendo crowd probably had some joystick work. It’s like those people who love using Trackballs but who can’t use a mouse for anything.


Double tapping is great for tighter frame windows but man, the stick itself… I just don’t know. It’s either going to take a really long time or I’m going to have to go back to controller.


You can look into a stickless controller as well i.e. Hitbox Arcade


Those are interesting but they seem like they would be the hardest of all to learn. But who knows? Maybe I’ll try it.


If you have any fighting games on PC or a method of connecting a keyboard to a console you can pseudo-hitbox just for the sake of trying out the control layout.
Q = Left
W = Down
E = Right
Space = Up
YUIO = Punches
HJKL = Kicks


Ah, I forgot to mention people speak very well of the Kowal Actuator for the Sanwa JLF. If you don’t want to switch to a Hori Hayabusa, I recommend you go for that. Should also improve dashing. ^^


Not everyone, I am not very fond of Kowal actuators at all.


Took me 2 weeks to play it smoothly. Just keep using the fightstick and don’t go back to using a controller.


I got my stick today and I’m struggling with a few things; dashing, throwing and doing Hodukens lol. I’m sure I’ll eventually learn how to do these. I originally bought a stick as I thought it’ll help me defend better (PS4 pad was bad with this) and to do Shoryukens :relaxed:


Best advice someone gave me, stop thinking your quarter movements as circles and think of them as L shape movements.


surprisingly, it’s getting easier now. I tend to play differently with the stick though. I’ve been Gold and almost Super Gold steadily so I’m not getting worse, haha(I was struggling for quite a while)! The only thing that feels really difficult is a double quarter circle really quickly on the left side, in particular. The wine glass grip seems to help with this but I can’t do them instantly like I can with the D-pad. They both have their advantages but I’m not sure which one has more in general when it comes to SF5.

On the other hand, I was just recently playing 3rd strike and I think I liked the stick a lot more. Maybe because the inputs are less lenient?


3s was meant to be played on stick