Giving taunts the RPG touch


So, how about taunts INTENTIONALLY doing something worthwhile this time around? Alpha series had exploding bombs and pokes that did 1 damage and Dan with his glorious taunts that built meter. 3 had basketballs, roses and other taunts that rose attack, defense etc. 4 had taunt that let you duck under projectiles…

With V-Trigger and V-Skill (espcially Bridie’s) being closest to what we can get in an RPG, what do you think of the idea of making all characters’ taunts do something other than mock the opponent?


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Hasn’t this already been discussed extensively in both general discussion and the improvement/mechanics threads?


Not so sure about call it “rpg” factor

But i like the idea of taunts being used as tools

Maybe not as direct buff, but i like the idea of have maybe 3-5-10 selectable taunts and each (or some) can have some secret potential… stuff like duck under projectiles, fast retreat to make whiff, work as a cancel for some moves, work as interrupt, work as feint etc


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