GJ offense

Could someone please help me with my GJ offense?

Are there ANY good/safe overheads to do? UOH seems to be waste.

I don’t a problem going low.

In videos, I’ve seen the hcb+k move incorporated. Any tips on that?

Should I be using the dive kick?

Command grab is good only when you see that the rival will block anything you do. The damage won’t be good because you put a special move in there, so use it just if you don’t see an opening, or if he’s low on health. Anyways I use it a lot, you just have to learn how to continue it depending where in the screen you are.
UOH is good at certain distance, where it can be linked to a crouching short. But, I don’t use it too much, I have trouble with this link, so I do some hop kicks trying that the opponent block high. [Irrelevant stuff: You can hide the hop kicks canceling them from a standing strong]
If he blocks high, well, you can do anything, crouching short into palm, into shoulder or towards+fierce. Forward kicks also works.
I personally use a lot the standing fierce to produce block stun. I mean, after a hop kick, or blocked shoulder or palm, I do a far standing fierce cancelled into dash. Then, I’m next to the opponent, and there you can do crouching short into something, or command grab.
If you activate from far, roundhouse dive kick or rush punch (be careful using this) are good to get near.

Well, that’s what I use… I hope somebody better can help more

during GJ of course:

far fierce into a dash, there IS enough recovery for your opponent to do something right? I always assumed it was a matter of him not reacting in time. Not that the stun was that long.

Your opponent can throw you, SRK you or whatever else you can think of, they recover before you. I try to not do it as much of course, as they always wait for it to punish.

Well for the UOH, I use it sometimes, if you do a blocked close standing Lp, crouching Lk, it’ll put you in the position to do a UOH > Cr. Lk > F. Fierce. A blocked standing close fierce works as well, but some what obvious, since it’s not really used for anything else during GJ.

Wow, I didn’t know it was easy to punish, usually people I play (not really good… well, me neither) don’t attack.
Then… there isn’t any attack that you can use totally safe to get near after a blocked palm or shoulder? To try and continue the pressure from near or to try a command grab.