GJ pressure tactics

whenever i activate far away from someone i have trouble getting in close afterwards. If i try to superjump divekick i get srk’ed, if i try to move in to the ground they either throw mad fireballs to keep me away (ryu,ken,gouki) or use other chrs moves to keep me away/knock me back.

any tips?

If they go projectiles, do some MP/HP shoulders through them, then it’ll lead to juggle…

I do like 1 or 2 Lk dive kicks first, if you know your opponent’s gonna do an SRK, then dive kick in front of them to make them whiff it, then punish.

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from full screen, just RH divekick to get close. if they jump after the divekick, just do up kicks and combo with palm after.
A lot of times an opponent will put themselves in the corner and wait for the rush punch/shoulder so that they can parry it and throw you. I like to wiff a jab shoulder then do the rush punch. it comes out so fast that they’ll fuck up their timing and probably get hit.

wouldn’t you be in even more trouble of getting thrown if they block or parry the lunge punch?

yep you would also unless they were already in the air or you’re the right distance and use the right lunge you can’t comob off of it a good corner mixup is jump in airchain,c.short,whatever alot of people block the first hit then block down getting hit by the last hit or they don’t block low fast enough

As for the actual GJ pressure tactics what should I use?

I mean, I’ve been trying to steal some strats out of the few videos I’ve seen (looking for more) and I’m activating a lot when I knock my opponent down, but I’m kinda lost on how to get started with a combo after that.

I know the question is kinda “wide” but any help would be appreciated since my Yun sucks big time and I want to learn to play him.

Yeah, mixups seem relatively unique between yuns. I usually mix it up with shoulders, standing fierce/dash command grab, forward + fierce then c.MK, shoulder. c.MK or c.LK into palm. Sometimes I will throw out a couple overheads in a row to get someone to try standing.

I think its partly psychological too. You can have some relatively big opennings in yourr mixups, but if you kept good pressure on them prior, they’ll pretty much stay crouched blocked no matter what, letting you go for an early command grab.

I would definately see what some of the more experienced players on the forum have to say about mixups though.

Yo Cappachino, I see you’re from Westchester…that’s pretty close to where I live. Are there any 3rd Strike machines over by you? I can’t find anything other than KOF Neowave in Middletown&Newburgh, and a broken 3rd Strike machine in Poughkeepsie:sad:

On topic if you know of any arcades I could teach you some tricks with Yun I’ve gotten pretty nasty with him.

i see mester is doing the kara strong short ish,., lemme try and be clear.
um, it’s strong short strong, walk up strong short strong etc… the combo connects to and leaves you mad close…so instead of doing short short feirce(which puts you outta grab range) do that.
it’s like a hit confirm…if they block it, kara grab…kara grab is key, i practice it a lot now…mixed in with strongs it’s fuckin un stoppable death…if you think they gonna dp you, mix in a d.short short to stuff it.

on the rush punch thing, if they duck block it, you’re safe…here’s another example, if they block the chainXXGJ low, do s.feirce strong rush punch and you’ll get the float effect which leaves you with frame advantage, then just command throw for free, cause the block stun is short.

that last one is character specific doesn’t work on everyone but it works on quite a few people off the top of my head it works on

shotos,necro(?),ibuki,i’m not quite sure about alex cause you have to do the cr.strong,st.fierce one on him,twins,if you do st.fierce,fierce lunge it will work on chun,mak,works on twelve,oro(?)elena i put a question mark on necro/oro cause i’m 80% sure but this is off the top of my head and i forget

works on necro, oro is sketchy though cause sometimes the second float hit will not even come out…you’ll just float OR you’ll get all 3 hits at once.
it owns shotos though, cause they can’t safely DP out of it, which most do, especially denjin ryus.

ok, i’ve been testing Mestor’s strong short–>kara com.grab set-ups…i’ll call it mestor’s since he seems to be a kara beast.
blocked shoulderXXGJ, chainXXGJ, s.fwdXXGJ, d.fwdXXGJ

character specs:
after the chain or shoulder set up, just do the strong short as if you were comboing, then kara grab without walking forward a step.
Don’t do the above if you do any middle kick set-up blocked. start with 2 ducking shorts so that a dp don’t hit you, then walk up and do strong short.
same as above but don’t worry about dps
Makoto, same
Dudley, walk a step after strong short. you can stuff his dp with strong so don’t worry.
Urien Hugo Q, same as shotos, but they all have super to own you…hammer frenzy, combo critical, ex-aegis…ex-aegis owns you.
Necro, Oro, Remy, walk a step
ibuki yun/yang twelve, need to walk a bit.
Alex:–This guy was made to get owned by grabs. i can even do d.shortx2, kara grab on him. You don’t need to use kara set-ups on him.

…basically, on the top tiers, it’s easy. except yun.

a set-up that always fucks up people:
2-hit float rush punch, d.short, s.strong, s.short, kara grab…this one will stuff DPs, the float effect will confuse them, and the quick 3 hits afterwards will make them wonder who they just stepped into the ring wit.

How do you combo with s.mk, super canceled dp + lp in the corner?

For the pressure tactics, I’m confused as well. Which moves should be used the most? I try to use cr.lk but if I get it to hit midscreen, I don’t know what to do. F + fierce maybe? And what if they 're blocking low…what move(s) should I use for overhead comboes?

basically, when you activate, you become super chun-li…so the mix up is just throw pressure…short, walk up short, throw.

at evo me and fatbear couldn’t figure out why nitto would activate and immediately do neutral throw then he saw it does way more damage then normal for some reason and it leaves em open for wake up mix ups use that as you want

Their is a thread on this, the way I usually do it is buff the movement, after you connected the Standing foward ( usually by the time you push foward doing the down foward motion should of already been complete) continue with the second motion and activate, from their you can do standing strong into palm, hop kick, or short shoulder.

mk,jab shoulder,activate,dp short,palm,blah blah

Good shit guys