GJ sanford

nice to see a cammy player in the last few hours of EVO. way to show the people that our stings are deadly…well atleast yours :slight_smile:

Agreed. That was intense. Not only that, you also overcame a tough Boxer, which is a bitch of a matchup.

Well done, sir!

Sanford had one of the most impressive showings at evo and his match vs Dan was quite the show. He definitely showed he is a force to be reckoned with and overall the finals made me think about giving SF4 another chance. Good shit Sanford.

I’ve never been more proud to main cammy… Sanford was relentless with the Brit.

Amazing match, my favourite from the whole show.

I always wondered if there was much point to dash canceling a spiral arrow given the link to combo another hit in is so difficult and damage scaling kicks in, but the throw/dive kick mix-up looks like it works really well.

Wurd! You repped Cammy hard!! It was AWESOME! I’m goin Cammy main now because of you!

Felt like a little schoolgirl, I was cheering so loud at home…lol.

I was actually losing faith looking at all the Cammy players get dropped or destroyed. I was esp bummed when James had trouble using Cammy and then switched to Zangief.

Then spirit got brought up big time when Sanford brought out Cammy in the 5 on 5 and then again on Dan from japan…and OWNED.

Just watch guys. I guarantee you that after Sanford’s performance there are going to be a slew of new Cammys online. Hopefully this will only enforce the belief that you can succeed with any character regardless of what the tiers dictate. That Sanford’s Cammy was like fighting game poetry in motion.

The match against Dan from Japan was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. Incredible use of cannon strike from FADC.

I don’t know if it’s only me but Sanford’s Cammy actually reminds me a lot of Aruka’s Ibuki.

Didn’t have a chance to see it but will check out the replays. Cammy reppin’!

That match was epic lol. I was so hyped… The way Sanford played Cammy was godly. I agree with what a previous poster said too; I predict many more Cammy players on PSN/XBL.

I wouldn’t mind this…the more Cammy players the more techniques and play styles that may be exposed.

Plus it’s nice to see some diversity in characters used online.

^ I concur.

that wasn’t a match, that was straight up rape. If u practiced her the right way you could beat most japanese players who don’t play the console version too. Don’t forget why Cammy is considered low tier, because once people figure out the gimmicks then it can be extremely difficult to win at a high level. Sanford’s match made it look a lot easier than it really is. He was smart enough to train Dan on how to react in a short period of time and was able to change it up fast enough so that he was able to trick him. If he knew what to do, do you seriously think he’d be trying to throw fireballs within ultra distance, or try to low poke at him if he knew about TKCS? I’ve been able to do this as well when I played her but in the long term you need to consider how much of an uphill battle it is with her. However it wouldn’t be a foolish thing to stick with her as a main in SF4… definiately not. She has a lot of good stuff but the execution required takes a lot of practice and if you aren’t willing to put in as much work as I am sure he has (doin the empire combos lol) then don’t expect to do as well.

^exactly right. Sanford played extremely solid and didn’t blow all of tricks/mixups right away.

He was training Dan on the spot to watch out for something while Sanford was one step ahead everytime.

awesome cammy :tup:

it was a good match… dont get me wrong.

But that was Dans first time even seeing a cammy. He plays arcade SF4 where cammy doesnt exist. I think if Dan had experience, that cammy would have got crushed. thats just my opinion however.

Crushed is a bit much for something we don’t know for sure and has no precedent.

In the end, I’m just happy he whipped Cammy out and used her extremely well. I’m also happy for him in getting to the top 8.

He’s also been a contributor and open to helping others get better. Good sh*t.

yeah newt… like I said just my opinion. I just think ryu vs cam matchup is highly in ryus favor. especially a calibur player like dan. Maybe we will find out next year.

Thing is even if you know Cammy and the mixups its still difficult to guard against it perfectly, if someone dashes in at you after a canceled spiral arrow they could do a TK dive kick, a cannon strike, a throw, a crouch hit or even just block, its hard to predict that everytime. It might be somewhat down to Dan not knowing the match but the mixups are good regardless.

Dan fireballing when Sanford had ultra I don’t really get though, thats a silly mistake.