GJ Yun - ground combos - and QCF bait

Sup peepz,

I saw Pyrolee perform a ground GJ Yun combo in the texas showdown 5 trailer. I was wondering how do you do it (universal/character specific).

Another thing is that I see a couple of Yun users bait players with QCF while in GJ, as the opponent (and myself) thinks I can return hit, Yun recovers and continue his offense. Can anyone explain how this is done? Is it the jab QCF thats has no recovery time?

Thanks for the help. Peace.

the qcf+p? that depends upon the distance…
during gj the lunge punch has 3 hits. if yun is a little far away and only the 3rd hit of the lungepunch (fierce) conects yun can stil atack not leaving an opening…
in shotos, when in crouching postition and yun uses qcf+fierce, yun stil has the advantage to attack…

the combo that pyro personally does and yea its character specific but it works on quite a few people is jab short strong,xx gj,c.strong,st.fierce,fierce lunge,c.short,palm,blah blah

i personally do jab short strong xx gj,st.fierce,strong lunge,c.short palm, blah blah

they both work the same but different timing only the one i do doesn’t work on alex the one pyro does works on him check complete genei jin thread the last 5 or so pages i made of list of who it all works on

oh and btw the character has to be crouching

The only time that Yun can combo off a qcf+p is when it hits < 3 times. If the opponent is standing, 95% of the time, a GJ’ed lunge punch is 3 hits. There are random occasions where the lunge punch does < 3 hits, but it’s not reliable.

GJ, cr.mp, st.fp, fp.lunge punch is more universal than GJ, st.fp, mp.lunge punch. But the second one is somewhat easier. shrug It just comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I do: lp, mp, fpXXGJ, st.fp, fp.lunge punch, [st.lp, st.fp, cr.mk, mp.lunge punch]x3, lp, mp, fp, lunge punch. I posted a few variations in the GJ thread.

But eh. Ground combos are mostly for show. The combo I posted does slightly more than 30% on Ken. Kara st.fp combo all the way. :tup:

s23.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2KA1X54UMBBP63FWLZWB1D056I my personal ground combo cause yes i am that damn bored and i got nothing to do *note you can do whatever the fuck you want after the c.short palm i just did whatever was easiest

that was goddamned terrible.

Fine, just to make Exodus happy, I’ll post this.


no one gives a fuck if exodus is happy

my boy james was baiting people to block low, then doing feirce rush punch when they were blocking low. It’s a trick if you stay blocking low, yun can pretty much hit you or grab you if you try to attack. But my boy paul just dps soooooo, you die.

however, you can block the first hit low and the second(and also 3rd) hit high which will allow any character(even yun) to retaliate with normals, grab is safest though.

to bad Game isn’t wit g-unit no more, g u not!

here’s a flashy one:
ChainxxGJ,(all standing) strong, short, strong, strong, short, strong, short, strong, strong, short, strong, short, strong strong, short, strong, short, strong, feirce, mp.shoulder, ender.

that shit looks illy! damage is 80.
rush punch palm combos into k-palms is best. 100 damage
check it:
chainxxGJ, strong, short, strong, palm, feirce rush punch, walk up palm, rush punch, palm, k-palm, ender. 100-106 damage! This works on standing or ducking opponent.

the above should be your definitive gj mid screen combos.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. I’ll check em’ out when I have the time this week. Peace.

whoa…coco savage those combos are ridiculous, any way you can make a vid?

Can you post the combo on this?

Already did.

i wish i could make a vid, maybe my friend can help with that…by giving back my stick.

someone should record my combos, they’re easy.