GL to sakura players in EVO

Fortunately i wont make it this year(japan trip instead hehe) GL to all the peeps reppin our little fighting machine. Show them who’s boss!

Sabre just won vs a zangief on the main screen

Sabre looked awesome

damn i didnt get to see it >< Hopefully i’ll be able to find it later

But he didn’t make it out of pools unfortunately :frowning:

found it :stuck_out_tongue:

about the 2 hour mark:

gj sabre :tup:

I can’t skip to it, nor do I want to watch 2 hours of other footage for one match :frowning:

… You can skip it.

Just click on the progress bar. then click pause and play again.

Worked for me.

OMFG sabre’s sakura completely raped everyone up until the finals and even that match was epic.

The match against Vaille was bananas. The variety in the 5 on 5s was really amazing.

wow dat sabre’s sakura against socal 5vs5 exhibition holy crap

Man, Sabre’s Sakura dominated. Tatsu over desperation Shinkuu Hadoken was epic.

Thank you Sabre for providing us with awesome Sakura play.

yeah sabre rolled them it was p. amazing

ggs sabre at the 5 on 5 exhibition! just beasted all over valle and gootecks and gave us all hope and inspiration

Sabre just fucking bodied those guys jesus christ

Much propers and reapect to sabre on the 5v5 wins. I never get tired of watching your sakura confuse folks. Great job!

That match with jibbo showed what both ‘low tier’ characters were capable of.

Whats funny, is that I played on XBL right after Sabre used Sakura so well and I fought 4 Sakuras out of about 60 people…which is 75% more Sakura!! Plus, I noticed a few of the recent replays had Sakura in it, perhaps Sabre will make Sakura more popular for a little while.

Sabre went bezerk vs alex valle. Incredible domination.

Sabre would’ve taken out Marn aswell but he missed a couple combos. I’m pretty surprised Marn was like the only guy actually trying to reversal his way out of the mixups instead of just guessing.

As a Sakura player , I was very proud. lol

GG Sabre