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My job for now is done. I am moving to a new location so I am not taking anymore requests. Take care

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Hi can make me one where it says MaGma DragOOn in it and it has the animation of hugo vs alex intro where they are facing off. (preferable hugo in his black n grey suit and his hair is white and alex in his black and grey pants where his hair is white)… if thats 2 hard i would like one with a nice dudley pic in the background, my name MaGma DragOOn somewhere on it and the animation of dudley throwing his rose OR the one where his butler throws his coat to him and he grabs it without looking (his black and blue suit would be a nice edition) =) Thanks in advance :smiley:

Oh okay, sorry for the confusion. Just thought you where overwhelmed and were getting tired of requests or something.

Anyway, If you could get that it would be much appreciated.Thank you for your generosity.

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yo i like your work it nice i wonder if u can make me a design then rather a avatar? pm me back if you are okay with it

srry i had the color thing in my previous post i think in ur other thread but i forgot… :frowning:

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oh okay thanks then i would like to request one please :slight_smile:
One with Naruto and cloud from FF7 and i want it to say ErotiK or sillytinh in the avatar. Thanks. You can do anything to it if you want. Thanks a lot <3

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my request

Hi gl0ry, could you plz make me one with Urien (blue colour, i.e. press strong) doing his taunt? In his background if possible, also have my name on it with a font that suits the background along with ‘age of the aegis’ written on it somewhere too. If possible could you sort of give the background a glowing affect like you have done with magma’s avatar (if you cannot do this then thats fine) thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

What exactly do you want… the sprite for an av or just the sprite.

Hello Gl0ry!

I have a request :slight_smile:

Could you make plz a avatar with this Akuma’s Face in the Left sector

and the right sector, a animated gif of akuma performing a shungokusatsu on Urien (in the Ken Stage)

Akuma and Urien with the defaults colors

and this nick

[LSFT] Deathstroke

:smiley: Thanks very much!!!

You know what?
Make it an av of Jab+Forward+Fierce Yang in a good mantis slash pose (qcf+p). Black with limegreen and higher yang written on it.

Thanks man, and again, sorry for causing so much confusion. :o

I ask for an av now cuz I think hawaiigamer fell off the face of the earth and took my(and anothers) request with him.

hi can i get one of green ken doing a thumbs down pose. he does the thumbs down pose against ken and chun li in the intro of there matches. just the whole animation of him doing the thumbs down. he begins turned backwards, and when the opponent walks up, he turns and puts his thumbs down. also can i have this on ken’s train stage, the same background as the one with the gold ken and put 5 star for the name

dude if you can do this, i would truly truly appreciate it, thanx in advance

btw, your avatars are sick man. word life

edit: the green ken color is forward or mk, sorry for not letting u kno ahead of time

can i get one of Kaila Yu?


just seen your other thread.

Can I get one of Ryu? No specific color scheme. I suppose as long as it goes with his colors well.

my request

Done. The flashing won’t work because of the file size. I did as much as possible with the image size limit in mind. Enjoy!

i like it =D but is it possible for the whole animation where hugo’s eye gets bigger and he pushes alex away with his chest?

that urien avatar is fucking sick! i wish i played urien now and my name was raju

I believe the meat-seeking thighs of justice are superior. :wink:

glory are u accepting my request plz do hehe <3