Glady's tourney results

  1. Re motherfuggen Set aka “Mvc2 Prodigy” aka Nsj’s Finest aka glady’s champion

  2. Albert “I like dipset inside, even if i say i don’t” Bozzle

3rd. Duc “Dirrty south rappers are the best” Jr.

gg. good shit reset, this will get you in nsj for sure…

haha thanks potter. msp is random =0.

and yes, i need to get in nsj! -_~

gg’s to albert, chucky, s3ntin3l, and all the rest.

ps-justin did not get 3rd. ggpo. carlos aka s3ntin3l did i think.

Good job Nick.

P.S. Nice avatar, haha.:cool:

Way to go Nick! :smiley:

good job reset


wow, albert, you fucking suck

stick to cvs, scrub

let’s practice so this won’t happen again. =]

alchamp is the best…

man put those oscar meyer jammas on jesus

reset is fucking dope