Glady's Video Games ver 2.0

Gladys Video Games
474 West Highland Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92405

K this arcade has gone through some major changes since the old days.
We finaly got a third strike cab and a brand new Kof XI machine is on the way.:lovin:
and all the machines are working even the Cvs2 and Marvel machines It’s about fucking time The owner wants to buy new sticks and buttons for all the fighting game machines by next month so yay! And for those of u that like Bemani games we also have a brand new DDR:SN cab. :wink:

See You guys there!!!


KOF XI in now @ Glady’s for 0.25 a game.

Left side for Mvc2 is fucked we need new sticks.

Cvs2 Works fine.
3s works but we need to turn up the sound on the machine that will be done soon.

i haven’t been to this arcade in ages…can YOU confirm that the 3s/cvs2/mvc2 sticks/buttons are up to par?

I’ll go tomorrow after school and check them out. We still need new sitcks and buttons for the 3s machine tho.:sweat:

Is it still at the same place by that tae kwon do place? Cause it seemed closed down still to me. Lol, i haven’t been there for a long time so don’t know.

Yes that’s the one. The place got a total makeover.

holy shit…gladyz gangsta in tha hizzo.
man is this place gonna have players again?
well i hope so, cuz ill be there all the time to own MVC2…hahahaha
peace out

Sup carlos, hit me up so we can get some Marvel matches @ glady’s.

dam, i didnt know you still played marvel…i thought you only played CvS.well im out of SB for 2 weeks but after im down to play anytime im not workin.

Hellz no I’m marvel/kof XI for life :lovin: pm me if u want my cell number so we can get some marvel matches @ Glady’s when u get back.

Oh Btw I was asked a question today about new machines @ Glady’s. What do you guys want @ glady’s? The Owner asked me about hot new fighting games and I told him this???

Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
NeoGeo BC
Shin Hokuto No Ken
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Rumble Fish 2???

Plz let me know ASAP!!!

i’m down to go to glady’s before school starts…probably next week on a weekday. post up if you guys are going to gladys…

Im down for marvel anytime, I hope more people start coming to play. Don’t forget to help me pick a new fighting game.

Gladys is the hood I work in Throw a tourney

Holy shit Gladys is back? Guess I’ll stop by sometime…

BTW, tell them to get Slash or T5:DR…

K I’ll wait to get some more input from other players before we order the machine.:wink: By next week the Marvel and 3s machine should have new sticks.

tell em to get rumble fish 2, ill come play that shit:lovin:

Why not just get an XvsSf machine and call it a day.

-this is pigadoken

let’s set up a date to show up on a weekday?? who is interested?

Im in… what date do you guys want to show up??? It can’t be fri cut on sat i got to go early and fix the left side of the marvel machine. But all the other games work fine. :wink:

My friend told me about Glady’s years ago, maybe I’ll check it out since I go to Cal State SB…how far is it from there?

Cal State Fullerton??? Well if u live there then it’s about a 45min drive.