Glady's Video Games ver 2.0

i go to csusb too. it’s a 10 minutes max drive. they have mvc2 at the csusb gameroom too.

Anyone want to have a tournament on the 23 sat??? all the machines should have new hardware by then. If anyone is intrested in running it PM me so I can start setting up shit @ the arcade for the tourney.

I’m down to come play some Third Strike… if it’s even being played…

10 min from CSUSB:bgrin: , I’ll check it out once I go back to class in a couple of weeks:tup:

I saw that MvC2 cab, last time I went to see it, it was jacked up, I hope they fixed it or get some more fighters.

Im starting to get back into CvS2, so I hope there will be good comp there.

Having XI there is a plus too!

Yeah the left side of marvel if shit. The owner should buy new hardware by next week. But yeah Im still not sure if i should get Shin Hokuto No Ken or GGXX Slash.

hmm. nothing was really wrong with cvs2, but the rite side, the buttons are kind of stuck and joystick is sort of stuck. Left side seemed fine. Though joystick looked ackward for 3s, it worked fine, but the damage scaling is way off, lol.

Yea i guess people should post if they’re going. I’m only go if i’m real bored and not doing shit for some particular weekday.

Thats the problem, GGXX Slash would be better than HnK, but they are coming out with a new GGXX, so the old one gets discarded by everyone!!

HnK is a great game, but the game died out too fast like it did at Arcade Infinity!!

Yeah that’s why where getting new shit next week. And i’ll fix the damage scale on 3s. How do you guys want it??? less damage or more???

Or should we just get NeoGeo BC???

From what i saw messing around with makoto and yun, anyone playing against me would probably want less damage, lol.

ic so next time i see the asian dude i’ll tell him to let me borrow the key to the machine and reduce the damage. Btw do you guys want like those buttons or want comp buttons??

NeoGeo BC is pretty good, But its worth getting if the place has a huge SNK fan base there!!!

I always look at it through AI’s point of players which has a large SNK fan base…

NGBC- when the game came out, everybody was playing it like crazy, but it died too fast!!!

HnK- same as NGBC

3s- people still play this game like crazy

XI - people still play this game

GGXXSlash- you’ll see some players here and there with minimal comp, but more comp than NGBC and HnK!!

I’ll just go for GGXX Slash since Arcades don’t really have that game, I still love NGBC and HnK and wish there was comp for those, but its better going for games that everyone will play and have comp than games that only caters to minimal fans with no comp!!!

Most players that play GGXXS still play CvS2 and 3s, so thats a good choice, that and if Glady’s ever put out tourneys, Slash will be sweet to have!!

What does everybody else thinks?

Isin’t there a new GG game coming out??? should i really get Slash???

Oh shit!!! IF you’re able to get the new GG game, get that instead and we will spread the word out to the fans:tup:

ok i was going to make a thread about this but i don’t want to get flamed. My arcade boss was telling me that this one lady @ capcom asked him if he was intrested in giving her a $3000 dollar downpayment for a NEW CAPCOM FIGHTING GAME!!! Ok…it gets stranger…she said it’s she’ll hook us up with a 1 OF THE 2!!!BETA VERSIONS OF A STREET FIGHTER GAME!!! I don’t want to say it’s ST4 because if it’s not then lot’s of people will have thearts will be broken :rofl: I don’t have any URL’S or anyting my boss just told me if it was a good I dea to buy a beta version for our Arcade. I still don’t understand why Capcom has made 2 versions of of this so called SF( ) <--------Insert Whatevergame. Has anyone heard of capcom relasing any new fighters or something???

Sounds like a scam.

Yeah that’s what i tought but then i found this…

'With all the retro fighting-game compilations Capcom has pumped out recently, we have to wonder whether they’ve completely ceded the (2D) fighting genre to the likes of Guilty Gear or those endless King of Fighters packs. (We could consider an anomaly like Capcom Fighting Evolution, but seriously, let’s not.) For the fighting faithful, what we want more than anything more than another vs. title or a killer (slow) strategy-RPG crossover is a true successor to Street Fighter (whether you wanna go back to II or III for your favorite 2D inspiration). Well, folks clamoring for more Ryu-Ken craziness can wait a few days longer because Capcom is set to show off a new arcade fighting game at the Amusement Machine Show in Japan September 1-3 (this week!), though no official details of what the game is have been released. An unofficial list of games currently circulating online, however, states that SF4 will be making an appearance at Capcom’s booth. Even if such a game will only be shown in video format, you can imagine the pandemonium that might ensue, if these rumors prove to be true, once the doors are open to the public on the 3rd (especially considering that admission is free). Rumors of a continuation of the Street Fighter series from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con may finally be confirmed or not. Here’s hoping Capcom’s got something good in store for us."

Here’s the link. Makes really wonder…

But Sept. 1-3 already passed, and yet we havent heard anything about a new Capcom fighter, and knowing SRK, topics should of been posted like crazy!!!

Just make sure it’s not a scam!!!

If she’s legit, tell her if she has Warzard for sale:bgrin:

I’ll stop by thursday just to check this out - Are the hours still the same from when they first were in business? 1pm - 9pm etc…?


Yeah it’s from 12:30am to 9:00pm

throw a tourny as soon as the sticks are fixed =D