Glaive Combo - Help Please?



Hello,I don’t post here much so hopefully this is the right place for a question like this?

Ive been trying to learn some better combos with Amaterasu & I’ve been seeing a lot of videos where people were
able to seemingly cancel her forward+H move on glaive into a lot of other moves.
I think I’ve actually seen them use normals,specials & once even a hyper.

Ive fiddled with this move a lot but I can’t seem to cancel it into anything at all.

I could just have horrible timing.(Wouldn’t be the first time.)
But I thought maybe there was a trick to it like dante’s bold cancels or something?

Sorry if this is an obvious/noob question but I’ve been really stuck.



It’s actually an issue of timing I believe. From my experience with ammy on my team, you have to input moves pretty far in advance for certain moves in her Glaive stance. Once you practice it enough you’ll get the hang of it I’m sure. =D