Glass Collaboration?


brand new to the forum and I was wondering if any of you graphic artists would be interested in a possible collaboration with a glass artist?

I have made a living doing borosilicate lampworking for over twelve years. I recently aquired a sandblaster and vinyl plotter so that I can take high contrast black and white images and cut resists from them to use as stencils. I have just started dabbling in this aspect of what is referred to as “cold working” and I am looking for some nice comic style art to utilize. I have been into SF games since SFII way back in the day.

I would like to take some nice high contrast images from some of you guys (with your permission of course) to use in this application. I make anything from tea sets and wine glasses to bubblers and other functional artwork.

If this thread is somehow out of line with the TOS please inform me and I will edit it right away.


wow, sounds like you doing amazing work. Do you have some stuff online that I can see? It would be interesting to see a glass diorama of a SF match.


sounds interesting. i’d also like to see some of your work!