Glazed, Chocolate, or Sprinkled donuts/cheerios. How do you prefer it?


Ass eating, a national SRK past time from the days of yore. It has been a while since we have collected data on this event, and what a better time than now right?

So old vets, newbies, and people in between let your voice be heard. How do you like to approach the booty hole, and have you found success in the sexual world accomplishing your task?


This is me right now:


No option for flatbread smh.


That’s a damn fine cup of coffee.


No option for “climb in like it’s a sleeping bag”. Wank poll m8.


a true gentlemen would never eat ass


I know you were expecting a joke or gif, but that’s all I got, shit is nasty, fuc wrong wit yall


Yeah I should have known better Abbachio, forgive my sins against the community.


Its not that big of a deal. If she rly want it done ur gonna do it or she gonna find someone else who will

I will say the few ladies ive analingused in my life got mad wet off it


I thought y’all was talking about real desserts… I was about to say those refined sugars aren’t the best for you.


whether i like it or not…my girl demands it. so i dont have a choice in the matter.
she also likes to make out immediately after i stick my tongue deep in her asshole.

she’s weird.


“Taking the poll seriously”

Me & my girl have to have a real intimate relationship for me to consider it. . . oh & her ass gotta be cleaner than Mr. Clean bald ass head.


Jelly donut.

Think about it.


However my cousin likes it


I like honey nut Cheerios.


I actually thought this was about doughnuts and Cheerios…





Excuse me. Where the hell were you in the TREE THREAD made specifically for you?


Fucking botched my gif. Ya shook me, son.


I personally don’t mind going in, but if that booty looks like the Amazon Rainforest had a mudslide I’m staying the hell away.