Gleam of Force thread

New boxer/fighter from French Bread (Melty Blood original and ReACT).
Supposed to be a literal sequel to Glove On Fight.

It is another all girl fighter, there’s only two attack buttons and one defense buttons, and the ragdoll character design and animation is an acquired taste, but if I had to explain it positively…

Counter combos both stun and hurt like hell, but this is balanced through having the opponent having more defense and damage as their health becomes certain fractions of yours. Some characters have fatal counters once you reach a high enough health difference, like Yukie’s 6A+B, but before you start making Tekken 6 comparisons, they’re usually slow as hell.
Basically to balance the counters and slow down the frantic pacing of the game, stalling for energy is also a major aspect for counters.
Which gets me to the endurance bar.
You see, as you lose your endurance, your attacks’ priority lessen as well, leading to the opponent being able to chain otherwise impossible combos. A stun in this game also causes a “heartbreak”, where you not only loss all of your attacks’ priority, you lose the natural super-armor in strong attacks.
This doesn’t mean the pacing always slows down at times either, as there’s a offensive counter called “infight”. By sacrificing health and meter or dashing into the opponent, you startle them, which setups a guaranteed combo for all but one character, and also increases the natural priority of your attacks.

I could explain more but this game is too technical (for a fanmade game) for me to explain more accurately.

I was following this game very close because i love French Bread and all his stuff… and the game is really funny and very technical, but i prefer to not talk about it on SRK because is not really a standard FIGHTING game, is more like a Boxing game… yeah, you can say that doesnt have too much difference but there are a lot, starting with that you cant jump.


Sounds really like an Ippo ripoff, Infight, Heartbreak Shot, etc…

I’m betting the main character is a female Ippo.

This game is actually really awful. Gleam of Force? More like Gleam of Failure.

“gleam of failure”

OMG you’re so clever and witty

who could ever think of such a humorous play of words!!!


If a Senko no Ronde thread is okay then so is one for this game.

More Joe than Ippo (you play her sister/the boss for that), loves the hip thrust, predictable if you can read her, but she spins on a dime when she goes for the head.

But no, you have to pay to play.

the game looks rather fun to play IMO, what system is it coming out for?

Right on the money. Uses Ippo’s peek-a-boo stance and ducks standing attacks and moves in just like Ippo too.

I would be interested in this game but I am disgusted by the appearance. The music drives me mad.

About time somebody makes a thread about this game. My friend plays it and it’s absolutely awesome. Fantastic technical gameplay and a unique design make it one of the most refreshing doujin fighters ever created. Anybody who says it sucks without giving proper backing is just biassed because they can’t handle the paper doll art style or figure out the gameplay. Booo hooo hooo.

My favourite character is Ashita. She has more balls than most male fighting game characters.

My friend has gone into much more depth with this game and also has B&B infight combos for every character. If you want, I could copypaste the information for you.

I’m sorry but this game looks poop…

What makes you say that?

If competitive value is what makes a game good, then GoF is a fantastic game. Once you come to understand how it all actually works, you discover just how deep the gameplay is.

The cast is balanced save for one or two characters.

There are NO random elements in this game. Everything is under the player’s control.

It’s all about spacing, timing and thanks to infight has a good balance of offense and defense.

Seriously, give it a chance before you go bashing it for no good reason. I’ve seen this game played between good players, and it’s beautiful.

Also, I love the music. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way anyone who actually plays it: Ruki is not as broken as she looks, and can be overwhelmed with aggressive-defensive tactics. The real broken character is Negai.

Yeah, but SnR doesn’t have a thread in fighting game discussion.

I believe there was one once. There SHOULD be one, at any rate. One of the most underrated fighters out there.


Anyway, one thing the TC forgot to mention is resists. Tapping attack or defense just before your character is hit allows you to resist moves. In this game, resisting not only lowers damage, but also decreses the amount of time that the opponent has to combo you.

There are two types of resist: Resist A and Resist B. Resist A causes you to take less damage, but you can be comboed for longer, so it’s better against strings of strong moves from an infight. Type B causes you to take slightly more damage, but shortens recovery time more than type A, so it’s better for strings of jabs.

i like french bread too but…

the game looks horrible

like a flash game :\

I’m not really a big fan of the whole puppet style animation it uses.

I wish Capcom would make a similar game like this.

Have Dudley stage a boxing tournament starring Mike Bison, that one boxer from ex plus alpha, the cheerleader from Rival Schools, and like 10 original characters.

…just without the goofy sprite designs.

I can’t believe people sometimes…

The animation style is unique and excellently done. How can you say you like French Bread and have never once appreciated any of Harukaze Namakai’s animations and designs?

Don’t be afraid of a bit of uniqueness for a change. I for one greatly appreciate the quirky art style and understand that paper doll animation of this quality is very tricky to do correctly.

Just look at Ragnarok Battle Offline, the original Glove on Fight, and this game.

They have used that textbook anime style and typical 2D animation in Melty Blood and that’s it. They have made a lot more games using this particular style of animation.

When I think of French Bread, I don’t think of Melty Blood. I think of RBO and Glove on Fight.

liked glove on fight, ill most likely like this one as well =D

i like the style personally.

people just dont like it cause its not street fighter or have capcom attached to it.

ha j/k =P