Glendale Mvc2 results


1st: SooYoung Chon "SooMighty"
2nd: Michael "nyte"
3rd: Dindo Bernardino "EightEleven"
4th: Toan nguyen "tone"
5th: Dan B. "DC_StATiC"
5th: Erock
7th: Vladamire.G "glendale’sbitch"
7th: bryan galaz
9th: Ciro
9th: eric
10th: henry
10th: george g
10th: erwin caballes "ironMag"
13th: Ara “Mr.zankou” ( owner of zankou chicken food chains )
13th: timmy “gothic” lagasca

GG’s to all that came, it ran pretty good with only one mistake.

Soomighty coming out with a perfect to win the tournament.

next tourney may 10th, 28 man cap , more info later… hope to see more come :smiley:


Good shit Soo!

nice to see nyte and tone back in the results.


what was the mistake?


something with the bracket


there was a confusion in the bracket and the mistake was me getting rob :mad:. I was in the winners bracket finals(which always guarantees atleast top 3.) Winning 5-6 matches while other people only played like 2 matches and still being ahead of me in the bracket. Getting to play only 1 match in what should have been a 3 out of 5 losers bracket finals which elminated me and somehow got me to be in 4th. Not like it matters that much but damn it I want my 3 dollars :lol:.
All that aside it was a dope tourney and its all good that dc_static and the peepz at VW tried to bring some action to this area. I’m sure future tourneys will be ran more smoothly. Overall it was still dope:D .


tone talk to me to the next tourney, youll get your 3 bucks back :stuck_out_tongue: , and tell me if the tourney is running right , this one was my first one and i did kinda sketchy with the bracket


ah that sux. i played u at pakaman on sunday, did u play with sent storm capcom at vw also? u were having trouble unflying against me. i hope the sticks there were better for u. i wish i went to this tourney, ill be at the may 10th one though.


i heard max tran came down to vw and got owned by members of glendale crew :lol: that sucks cuz we are all scrubs.


DC, its all good :cool:. I didn’t get a chance to look at the brackets till the end so I didn’t realize they were set like that. I know its hard to run those brackets its like a freakin algebra test :eek:. I didn’t really care anyways that much, it was my first tourney since evolution and it was good just for this old man to dust off his rusty sentinel. The tourney was fun and you did a good job running and organizing it. Plus the best part was when the dude brought out a bag with like 3000 quarters in it. Guess he had to break his piggy bank to come to the tourney :lol:.

MDS, yeah lose sticks suck. VW sticks were okay but as the tourney went on it started to fall apart. The player 2 side’s assist only worked half the time and on player 1 I couldn’t fly/unfly, that got hit like 3 times with ahvb trying to unfly :(. I hope the crazy owner can be convince to fix it. I probably won’t be able to make the next one since I have to work. So good luck if you go.


Keep up the good work Soo…keep Higher Mags on point…Holla!!!



i think i’ll go to the next one


for sure?, bring more peeps down , like shady k