Glendale MvC2 results


DC_StATiC on comp

1st.Dan B.
2nd. Erwin Caballes
3rd.Bernardino D.
4th.Preston Maly
5th.George Garcia
7th.Brian Galaz
7th.Raul Ramirez
9th.Ben Mumford
9th.Timmy Chan
9th.Timmy Lagasca
13th. Vladamire Grigorian "Glendale’s Bitch"
13th. Spencer tan “evaspeed”

rest of it is on apex …

gg’s to everyone , but the top 4 owns all of j00!

see u all next time , and watch out for the new DC_StATiC msp cross up

:wink: <winks to SooMighty

edit: ohh and good job for every body on making money off glendales bitch!! … he is still putting up bets if anyone wants to play him =D!!


do u guys know when the next tourney is?


U should talk to DC_static when he’s gonna throw the next tourney.I think it’s every two weeks u should come down and bring some of your friends down.