Glendale/Pasadena/Eagle Rock Marvel

Hi! I’m new to the area. Played weekly with a group in NorCal. Looking for some people to play Marvel with. I could host in Glendale, though only on weekends.

Any takers? I also want to learn other games but am finding my time limited.

Trying to get back in the fighting game scene, I live in glendale as well… ill add you on PSN.

hit me up on psn hursh191, also in glendale

You’ve been added. Let’s get this party started.

ur talking bout umvc3 right? im up for sum games on psn add me LuisSteezy

Yes, but really I’m looking to play offline. I hate playing online, it’s too hard to do my Magneto combos :stuck_out_tongue:

I stay around the burbank area. But I’m down to play. psn:miloman3D

Yo im in Burbank also. If anyone wants to run offlines in Burbank, or if anyone can host in Burbank / Glendale, Ill be there. I play Marvel, SFxT, Skullgirls, AE, and im learning KoF.

XL GT: The K1 Effect

We got one who doesn’t want to leave Burbank. I could go to Burbank.

(but I can’t host in Burbank, only in Glendale)

Well if you decide to host, I can most likely come. Do you do weeklies or anything right now?

Nope, new to the area. Marvel-wise, y’all are all I have. I could host one if I get at least three yes-s in this thread.

So far I count one.

For anyone who is in Burbank / Glendale and wants to play offlines, please send me an email and we can go from there: