Glenside, PA. Classic Game Junkie, sponsor of NEC XI!


Hey everyone! Tonight was our first meeting of what we hope will be a long-running Friday night fighting game gathering at a cool new store called Game Junkie. It has tons of old and rare games, systems, and other crazy shit, including a Pokedex.

As of now (Nov. 8, 2010), we’re meeting on Sundays. He holds the store open a later than the listed closing time for us, since Frank is a baller. It’s pretty much a Third Strike, SSFIV, and Garou scene, but we’ll play other games if people want to play other games! ;D

Here’s the store’s Facebook page.Check it out!

HuBBsDoctor on how awesome the store is:

As we see more people coming to our gatherings, we will start holding tournaments and casuals for any games are in demand.


Heres some actual info.
Location: Game Junkie
111 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA, 19038

The Glenside Train Station is right across the street from the place, and its on a pretty major road (theres a bus stop right there too). You’ve got pay parking in back of the place, the train station for parking, and residential parking all around it, so theres no worries about getting there.

Time: Friday Nights starting at 5pm, store closes at 10 technically. The guy seems fine with us just coming in and hanging out whenever though.

Games: Right now we’re just playing 3s, If anyone wants to play SSFIV, BB, GG, MB just send me a PM, and we’ll work something out. We’ve got three TVs right now, so we can run a few games at once.

No venue fee or anything, right now its just casuals (Ranbats/Tournaments would of course have an entry fee, we’re looking into the options for streaming tournaments, recording is a definite). Once things start picking up we’ll get Ranbats for probably 3s and Super 4. I would love to get some Melty Blood going though, maybe even Guilty Gear if I’m not stretching myself too thin.

As far as food goes, you’ve got plenty of options within a few minutes walking distance, two bars, I wouldn’t worry about anything there.

I also do stick mods, I try to stay local though. Hit me up if you need a dual mod or something and we’ll work shit out


First five people next Friday get a free beer.


Come for the beer, stay for the Third Strike.


Hopefully at The Cork.


Who wants to come and play Vampire with me? :[



I dunno I’d grab a round or two of Vampire. I’m trying to learn some SC4 if someone will teach me for a little bit…



Starcraft 4 is out?


Yes. It has like 10 banned characters that aren’t good and one banned character that is broken.



Did Jon Moxon actually show up? This is important.


No he did not. Mike Welsh did though.



Hello there. I don’t play much of 3s since I don’t have a stick for the game and its overwhelming as hell for me. I play SSFIV and Garou:MOW


You wouldn’t be willing to help me knock some rust off my Garou chains, would you? I haven’t played Garou in literally ages, and I’d love to get back into it.

If you want to learn some more 3s, we’d be more than happy to help you out there, we’ve got a few people who are new to the game, teaching one more person couldn’t hurt.


Looking it up on google maps, Glenside is a nice 40 min drive for me. I’ll try making it up sometime. Anyone that plays BlazBlue? Also, I’d be in for starting up some Garou as my experience playing it is limited to the arcade mode, and not against live people. I could even bring my MVS cart and supergun if need be.

As for 3s, are you guys playing the PS2 version?


I know there are a couple guys here who dabble in BB, but I don’t think anyone is a tourney-level player. I could be wrong. There is some interest in Garou here as well. Yes, we are playing 3s Japanese version for Ps2 and arcade sticks with Sanwa parts are supplied. I think one or two might have a Seimi stick and Sanwa buttons. I forget for sure.

As for the 40 minute drive, you might wanna look into taking the train, since the store is visible from the Glenside train station.


There are a few pretty well versed BB players around here, gimme a heads up before you come out and I’ll get ahold of them to come down.
I kinda play BB… CS has been pretty low on my priorities since Noel got hit with the nerf bat a lot.

I am all for starting Garou up here. I absolutely love the game, I’m just so out of practice because I’ve had no one to play in like… 5 years.
I have the PS2 version, I’ve been thinking about getting an MVS and the cart… I’ve already rationalized the PS2 controller to Neo Geo converter I need lol


Well that’s good at least. It would be nice if I see people on Thursday since I’m off, but that’s just wishful thinking.


I’d be down if I didn’t have class Thursday nights :confused:


Looks like a Soul Cal crew might start coming in a couple weeks. w00t


Alright, I’ll take a nibble at this. I’ll shoot for coming up this Friday night. Want me to bring the MVS/Supergun setup with Garou? Do I need to bring a copy of BB if I wanted to play that?