Glgaz's request thread?!?


I am rather new to the world of SRK tagging/av making. I’ll be the first to admit my skills are still developing but I think one of the best ways to improve is to try some requests and see how I do. Because I’m new and unproven in this field, I won’t be offended if you decide not to use what I come up with.

Same ground rules apply as most other request threads…

If you do decide to use what I make, please abide by the two week rule.

The more information you provide such as colors desired, whether you want your name on it, as well as providing the actual sprites or art you want used, etc, the better off we’ll both be.

No Ipod avs.

Animation is okay but don’t expect too much in that field as I’m still working on it.

Here goes nothing…



Waiting List

  1. Silent Shinobi


Pick Up


Can I request a Cable and Cyclops av. Animated or not. If you need sprites let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Sure thing. You want your name on it or just the sprites/background?

hey can i get something with this

Sure thing. I’ll start a waiting list/pickup in the first post of the thread.

My name doesnt have to be on it. Im trying to find the sprites of Cable
pointing his gun, and Cyclops about to shoot his optic blast. But whatevevr you
can come up with is fine.

Brandowned, yours is up. If you’d like something changed or the whole thing redone please let me know.

Wassabbi is up too. Please let me know if you want anything changed/redone.

Thank you both for the opportunity to do your requests.

hey u think u can juss put the pic behind a nice wall design like urs without the color changing thing?


I need a brown costume Ky from #Reload. Silent Shinobi somewhere in the av. I’m deciding between the normal stance or his “disgrace” stance after you beat Sol. Use anyone of these stances. I really don’t care. Much props if u do thanks in advance.

Special: Put a big full moon on the right side. This is optional. Thanks again.
Pic 1
Pic 2Pic 3

Pick anyone of them. Thanks again.


Thanks man. Looks really nice. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! Wassabbi, no problem, I’ll fix it tonight and get it posted in the morning or later tonight. Silent Shinobi, I’ll take a crack at yours after Wassabbi. Thanks again for the requests.

Tried another. It’s in the first post. Let me know if you want something changed.

that bg makes me dizzy