[Glitch?] Air specials(divekicks) immune to counter hits


So far I’ve tested with Cammy and Chun, and chun’s air legs and cammy’s dive kick are immune to counter hits and crush counters. I think this should be fixed. What do you guys think?

This not a rule for all dive kicks as I’ve tested Rashid’s as he gets countered normally.


Rashid working normally:

EDIT: videos added


Uh… You’re hitting Cammy and Chun Li after their moves already become active. For counter hit, you need to hit them during the startup frames.


Try and do a jumping attack the moment they do a divekick. It’s likely because the first active frame already occured, so that counter-hit state does not apply.


I understand now that this was probably added so you can’t trade and both get CH, but it should be done in a different way.

Looking at this, it was clearly what should be considered a counter hit, since they were actually attacking and got hit out of it.

I understand now what you guys meant, I’m just arguing the system itself.