Glitch cons?

Are there any glitch cons with jugs? I remember hearing something about him recieving more damage while in assist mode if hit upon (while glitched of course)

I’ve been toying around with jugs, gotta understand stuff with him. :slight_smile:

once he’s glitched evreything is effected, cons not really only the fact that you got to tag him out in order to get it workin, but you could cytorak-power up, head crush DHC him out. (in corner, while glitched) lp, hp, hcf+lp, otg with c.lpXXheadcrush.

Well actually the best way is to counter in your next guy in. Its hard enough to have enough clearance to perform power up, living long enough to build 2 meters with Juggy ain’t going to be easy.

Headcrush would use his power up so you DHC he would lose it.