Glitch Driver

Gief is a popular character in Alpha 3, so i figured I would share something that isnt very well documented on here or on youtube and really ought to be, glitch driver. To perform glitch driver you have to activate and then do kick 360 WHILE the screen is darkened from the activation. If performed correctly the opponent will be sucked toward you as opposed to flung away from you and you can then perform an OTG of your choosing. It may only be performed on the left side of the screen, and does nearly 50% damage. It works on block or hit so its nearly (they can tech roll) a free 50% for splashing into activate.

Just thought I would throw that out there since it took me a long time, and several pms to sabre to get this information. Thanks Sabre!!!

Heres a quick and dirty video of what it looks like:


Just in case anyone was interested.