Glitch: Not being able to tech Gouken's Backthrow


Many times while playing against Gouken, I will attempt to standing tech his backthrow (important to note that I say STANDING tech), yet I will still eat the throw. I know that if you crouch tech in general, you take the risk of doing it too soon (before the throw connects), and you may instead get thrown out of your low short. But with standing tech, this shouldn’t be an issue because even if you get grabbed during your throw, the game just does a tech throw.

So anyway, I reproduced it several times in Training Mode, and my guess is that if Gouken’s backthrow connects during the startup of your throw, it will NOT result in a tech throw like it does with everyone else. The only way to tech his backthrow is if your grab connects first (which technically means he’s teching YOUR throw), or to wait until his grab actually connects and THEN tech it.

What’s good to know is that if you do get backgrabbed during the startup of your throw, the game still allows you to tech, you just have to push LP+LK again. And no, you still can’t tech if you get grabbed out of low short. So I think the best advice if you are going to tech Gouken’s throw is to mash the tech, and NEVER go for crouching tech!


this is awesome… i KNEW that teching his throw was weird… he’s the only character that i mash tech against… regular techiing is weird with this move… i like your explanation it confirms my suspicions that goukens backthrow has some different properties than normal throws…

now the one that i REALLY hate is how much his back throw grabs moves… i’ve been gief sucked out of moves by the damn thing…



Yeah, I’m glad I’m not crazy. I’ve gotten pretty mad at this before, getting grabbed out of grabs.


It’s no wonder gouken players whore it out so much.


I’ve noticed something strange about his throw as well, And this seems to fit it perfectly.


hrm, this looks like a good candidate to test with macros on the PC. You can make a macro that will input the throws/techs down to the frame.


It’s really just a delayed tech. Sabin and I tested this out months ago. Didn’t know it would be considered a glitch of sorts. But yeah, you’re supposed to delay the tech by a frame or two(I don’t know the exact frame count, but the grab should grab you as indicated in the first post). Not that hard to tech Gouken’s back throw.


ah OK, that makes a little more sense then. Here’s some info from my notebook about teching throws…

Translation from the OG japanese strategy guide (page 100). Skisonic says throws aren’t techable on frame 1,2 since they havent started yet and also frame 3 since it’s first starting. They are techable up to frame 10 of the throw animation. So you have frames 4-10 to tech a throw (7 frames).

So with Gouken’s back throw, you have to add +2 frames to all the numbers, since his back throw has 5 frames of startup instead of the normal 3 frames. So Gouken’s backthrow, you really can’t tech it until the 6th frame.

Perhaps…I’m just speculating right now.


I think the tech window for this throw is actually larger (i can tech it on reaction a lot of the time ONLINE) than other throws, even though you can’t “pre-tech”. Maybe this feeling is just a product of the required delay. I dunno.

All I have is anecdotal shit though, gilley get on that testing? :D?




Yep. gilley is the shit.


You guys are wierd. I never have had a problem. If you do tech, it just takes an extra second to display. Maybe I just always mash throw when I want to throw, who knows, don’t remember haha.


Right, you can’t tech the startup of a throw because you haven’t been grabbed yet, but you can “pre-tech” it (SaikyoBeast’s term, hehe) by doing your own throw. Then when the other guy’s throw connects on your throw, the game just counts that as a throw tech.

With Gouken this doesn’t seem to work, which is why I say it’s a glitch and should be fixed. It never happens when I mash the throw though.

Btw, this same problem existed in CvS2.


i’m having the opposite happen to me… when a gouken goes to perform a back throwand i miss the tech a short kind of pause occurs… it slows down the throw animation and i’m able to tech it really late and still escape safely… i was doing it while fighting riot’s gouken earlier tonite… if anything its a bit unfair on gouken’s end… but i’m not gonna defend broken gouken…


maybe gouken can’t be thrown out of his back-throw animation, unlike every other throws in the game O_o

just a guess, but it would nicely explain everything. Not being able to “pre”-tech, having to mash techs, etc


shut up, lurk moar.


It seems entirely possible the dev’s put this in the game on purpose.

I mean if they are going to give this one character a throw into ultra (which is pretty bonkers in itself), it makes sense they would let you tech it late so you can see it the initial grab coming.

Still if this was their intention, it should have an larger frame window to tech, rather than making them late to confuse you.

All this does explain that weird pause you get sometimes when teching the back throw.

There is always a pause where you stop breathing and you heart skips a beat, wondering whether you are going to eat that ultra and lose.

Then after an uncomfortable 0.5 seconds (which seems like 3) you see the the wonderful blue flash and its all fine.

Or you eat the ultra.


Glad someone noticed and tested this. I was getting pretty pissed being thrown by this knowing I was teching it.


i was wondering why teching was so picky in this game


yep, I too have had the rage when a Gouken buddy of mine would ALWAYS land the back thrown when I knew I teching. It even had me doubting if you could crouch tech at all.

My solution was to always release crouch when I he tried to grab me and my standing tech works every time.


This is gold :slight_smile: