Glitch Thread...

Teching throws in genral is exstremly bugging in this game.

Many throws are teched akwardly which lead the opponent teching vunerable to being comboed again with out being able to do anything. And vise versa sometimes when the attacker throws they are put at a disadvantage.

Also if you tech a throw that would have dizzed you, you become invincable. YES INVINCABLE. You can no longer be hit, you can only be thrown. Good job testing lol. Pretty neat though.

You can kara cancle moves way later then you use to be able to, some moves that were even able to before. Maybe kara cancleing isnt exactly a glitch, but you can get some pretty neat things with it say with guys bushin combo now that you can kara cancle the fierce with the roundhouse, adding to some teleporting type bugs.

Also a1 characters can roll anything, even through combos, though if you try to roll certian moves your character will freeze. A oversight I guess…

oh well thats just some off the top of my head.

Which characters did you do the invinvible thing with? I tried it with Deejayand Vega and it didn’t work for me. Unless I’m reading wrong or something.

i didnt try with vega, but i just tried with dee jay and yea it works. I dunno just set the cpu to tech throws, beat up on it for awhile, then when it gets close to forthy over whatever it is they get dizzy at then throw them. Now there invincable.

dialupsucky, does toggling the 2nd star on the 1st row have any effect on the dizzy invincibility glitch?

ahh… i recorded a sequence to bring my dizzy up to 38, then deejay throws me, I tech… no invincibility? I’ll keep at it.

EDIT: I tried the deejay thing again, like you said. No invincibility. I even bring them one point away from dizzy, they tech the throw… no invincibility. It even brings up their overall stun level, as if they were dizzied, but still no dice. Are you playing the jpn version?

Another interesting thing, is that normally stun will reset after a certain amount of time. But if you do a throw from zero, the stun just stays there. Multiple throws, the stun won’t reset. weird.

Can only A3 characters inflict stun with throws?

yep it would seem as a matter of fact it does. If the second star is off, it no longer works. Does reset the dizzy meter though automaticly shrug… But maybe thats obvious.

try with the second star on it should work. Unless my game is just busted… And no championship characters do stun with there throws as well. But im sure theres other abnormalies for other characters that might do stun with there throws as well.

Yep. I guess 2nd star is “invincibility glitch star”

Fuck the stars. Leave 'em off I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Middlekick? How did you know it was the second star?

You can link attacks (could just be within those 4 waiting frames) from a crouch cancel situation for one more juggle against Cody and Sodom. Most of you know this, but I might aswell get it out in the thread. A good example I have is with GS-Akuma; get Sodom in the corner and hit him with an arial Tats. You can crouch cancel, j.hp, then as soon as you land fierce/Shoryu/Tats etc. This means things like Tats, Shoryu are now possible mid screen.

Demon Dash: updated HSFA dip settings will be posted at ALPHA-ISM in the near future. I just need to confirm some of them.

Will you be in London anytime soon?

Yeah, I will be actually. I’ll be staying with my family for a few days in a month or so, although I don’t know if I’ll have any time to my self. :bluu: I hope so…