glitch thread

well i thought we had one of these but i dont see it anymore. so post up any known glitches and make sure to say for which version of 3S they work for.

i’m pretty sure lotsa people already know about this, but here goes:

with yun, do normal s.lp,,, jab shoulder tackle (this shoudl kill opponent) xx genei jin. if done correctly, right after the guy dies, he should activate genei jin but it’ll still say MAX. next round though it’ll say max but there’s really nothing there.

i’ve done it in both jap and american arcade versions.

but yeah, useless glitch

Everybody should know this one. Urien/Remy glitch.

Start off by having Urien do Aegis onto Remy. Remy must parry and then do a neutral throw on Urien. If Remy gets hit during the throw by the Aegis, Urien will be in a frozen state. As long as you dont hit Urien with an attack, he will forever remain in that state. If the time runs out while Urien is frozen the game will lock up and will need to be restarted.

Works on which versions??

That’s not a glitch, the game doesn’t take away from your meter for a super AFTER the person has already been K.O.ed. Just do any combo into super (it’s trickier to do because the timing slows down a lot after you see the K.O.! on the screen), and the super will initiate (slowly) but still take no meter.

I had this at the arcade happen to me once, dunno how rare it is

I was playing as Chun, just started the game and a guy challenged me, he won then i switched to Ryu and I won, then he left…ok so alls well and good,

Then while Im playing I fight Ken during the “normal” part of the game (not right before Gill as it usually is),

then when I get to the guy before Gill, its Urien but he’s saying the text that Ken usually says… odd…

Never saw that before, but I dont normally read that text, I just did this time because I was like, wtf I usually fight ken before gill? Who will I fight instead?


I don’t know if it’s considered a glitch, but I’ve had a weird instance occur multiple times… Where I stand fierce with Chun, and Yun dashes… instead of being hit by the stand fierce he goes untouched and crosses up.

This is on the PS2 AE version.

No, it’s a glitch. If you activate GJ post-KO, it’ll still say MAX for the next round. But after you activate the next round, and GJ runs out, it still says you have 1/1 bars, & the there are glitches in how the bar is shaded when you build meter. I forget the exact details, since it’s not really worth caring about.

Nothing special, but it’s still techincally a “glitch.”

One time at the arcade, I was Makoto and someone using Ryu finished me with SA2, and after it was done, his meter was still full. So if the match wasn’t over I assume he could’ve just done it again.

sometimes yang has magnetic storm in his SA selection.

Necro SAI vs Q’s SAI : if both hits simultaneously Q freezes

The other day i did low mk, ex hadouken with ryu hitting hugo but somehow i didn’t waste bar (it was during the match not at the end when you can cancel some stuff when the other guy is killed and you don’t use meter).

i’m not sure if this one happens at every arcade cab, but this happens whenever i finish the game with Akuma.

after beating the game, i put in 50 cents and hit the start button. instead of going to the character select screen, it’ll go to the screen where you pick your opponent. usually it’s the 2 you started with in the previous game. after you select whoever it is you wanna fight and the match is about to start, the game will freeze and it’ll say across the screen “NOW FIGHT A NEW RIVAL!” and then it takes you back to the character select screen.

and i guess lots of people know about the Ken vs. Makoto glitch. if Ken KOs Makoto with a neutral grab, 1 of 2 things usually occurs:

  1. Makoto will lie in the air for a couple of seconds, then flip upside down for a couple of seconds, then fall and it’ll take some time before Ken gets announced as the winner

  2. the game just shuts down.


best glitch, works on version A in arcades, and maybe version b.


Necro must back throw dudley, then air parry some random move.

Necro will now be stuck in the air floating, you can sort move him and do his air normals and then he will be come stuck and can’t do anything.

After that you can sometimes hit him sometimes, it just locks the game up.

There is that weird oro on twelve glitch, where the ex fireball hits an infinite number of times and there are a punch of twelves doing the SA 2 all over the screen, I forget how to do it though.

Also oh PS 2 AE, I’ve randomly seen chunli do Palm xx SA 2 on makoto and for whatever reason the first set of legs whiff, it seems to happen mostly if you do that as anti-air or really meaty. it’s hard to replicate.

kabukimono: Let Oro do his EX fireball super the big one and Twelve does SA2, after that you’re blessed with infinite hits EX fireball

Twelve must hit Oro from behind before crashing into the EX Yagyou. Also, the “blessing” works with any of Oro’s projectiles, including normal fireballs and regular Yagyou. The fireball has to barely nick the Twelve copy for it to work, or else the Twelve copy will fly off the screen. Works on Dreamcast but not PS2. Untested in the arcade.

Another glitch: Oro vs Urien. Have Oro activate Tengu (regular or EX, doesn’t matter) and have Urien toss out an Aegis. Oro can destroy the Aegis with one attack (standing Roundhouse works best). Now, Oro’s rocks are stuck in “hitting” mode, making a ghetto Leaf Shield. Works on all arcade and console versions.

I found a sound glitch in the PS2 Asia one once, I posted about it but I can’t find the thread. Basically, I was Chun-Li and the computer was Yang, one of my s.hp traded with one of his slashes (don’t know which one) and it went all glitchy, freezing for a split second. After that all of Chun-Li’s sounds where messed up. she said Kikoken, taunt was EYYY! and everything, it was all screwed up.

I went into training and it was all the same. I was just about to get my video player to record the glitch, when I decided to try different characters. Sadly they where okay and Chun-Li returned back to normal so I never got to record it. I’ve never recreated it either, but I know it’s there.

Other glitch I don’t think was mentioned, I saw this on a video. Have Urien on lower health that Necro and throw out an AR at him in the corner for on time out. After the time out the reflector will knock Necro off the Screen, and the girl will float on and float back off again in the oposit direction.

i believe this is an issue with makoto’s hitbox, as this happens in the arcade too

Known glitches noone mentioned:

Active super freeze glitch. Sometimes, the super freeze screws up and the other player can move. I have no idea how to activate this but there’s a video on it by Mopreme.

Second is the Dudley meter glitch. Again I’m not exactly sure how it’s done but Dudley will lose meter just by whiffing moves. It’s weird.

That’s probably the EX Punch 'n Cross. HCB, F + PP. It’s not a glitch.

def the EX punch and cross.

Jinrai that ghetto leaf shield one is great.